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How to Identify the Type of Feet for Your Sewing Machine

Do you like to play with your feet?  I do, and I have more than two – more than two sewing machine feet that is!  

The variety of feet available for sewing machines is STAGGERING.  These accessories can mean all the difference when it comes to getting the best results on your project.  But what will fit your sewing machine?

You need to know the shank size or type, and this article will help you determine exactly what that is. 

With the exception of Bernina machines and the old “rotary” machines (some older Whties, Kenmores, etc,..), most sewing machines, especially classic vintage machines,  use either high shank, slant shank or low shank feet. 

“Shank” refers to the part onto which the feet fasten. If you machine has a default needle postion other than center, you will need to take that into consideration when buying certain feet. 

Some newer machines use snap-on feet that , well, snap-on to an ankle which in turn screws onto the shank.  These are usually low shank machines with a snap-on ankle/adapter. 

By the way,  snap-on adapters in low, high and slant shank models are sold by many vendors and sewing machine shops. 

Here are a  few images to help you determine what shank you have on your machine and what type of feet you need.

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how to determine shank sizehow to determine shank size

Vintage WhiteKenmmore Top clamping rotary attachments
Vintage White/Kenmmore Top clamping (”rotary”) attachments
shank sizes
shank sizes