5 Best Digital Steam Press of 2021 – Stop Ironing

Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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An iron is capable of handling most wrinkles and creases.


It could be monotonous, tiring and time wasting though.

If ironing bores you like most people, or you are tired of the continuous hovering on your extra wide ironing board, there’s an alternative. You will have to settle for a digital steam press.

Before we go further, I’ve done a comparison of the features of the best digital steam press to make it easier for you to decide. 

Comparison of The 5 Best Digital Steam Press of 2021

FeaturesSinger ESP-2Steamfast SP-660SpeedyPress AdvancedSteamFast SF-680 DigitalSpeedyPress Oversized
Wattage1540 watts1300 watts1904 watts1350 watts1904 watts
Water Tank Capacity10 oz.10 oz.10 oz.10 oz.10 oz.
Surface Size24 by 9 inches.22 by 8.7 inches35 by 12.5 inches25 by 10.5 inches35.5 x 12.2 inches
Temperature Setting Electronic Fabric Temperature Settings5 Fabric SettingsVariable Temperature Control5 Fabric SettingsVariable Temperature Control
AccessoriesSpray Bottle, Measuring Cup, Pressing CushionSpray bottle, Pressing Cushion, and Measuring CupExtra cover & foam, Spray bottle, Pressing Cushion & Measuring cupSpray bottle, Pressing Cushion, and Measuring cupExtra pressing cushion, Measuring cup and Spray bottle.
Automatic Shut-offYes, with AlarmYes. With AlarmYes. With AlertYes, with alertYes. With Alert
LED DisplayNoNoYesNoYes. With touchscreen
Weight22 lbs19.6 lbs35 lbs12.8 lbs33 lbs
Size25.8 x 21.2 x 8.2 inches23 x 20.5 x 8.2 inches37.25 x 24.5 x 10.2 inches20.5 x 17.2 x 6.7 inches35.5 x 12 x 12.5 inches

Here are the 5 best digital steam press you should consider if you want to get one. 

  1. Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press – Best Bang for Money

Imagine having 100lbs force at your beck and call to straighten your garments. That’s the enormous power the Singer ESP-2 boasts of. It’s not just about the weight but the numerous features that make steaming enjoyable than traditional methods.

All these amazing and ingenious engineering contributes to the reduction of your ironing time by at least 50%. The steaming surface, without exaggeration, is almost 10 times larger than your biggest iron.

There’s a professional touch to the use of this digital steam press. You can set the machine to the exact temperature your material can handle. Keep your ears within reach, the alarm feature of the Singer ESP-2 will beep every 10 seconds to keep you abreast of the steam status.

No matter the stubbornness of the wrinkle or the material itself, the concentrated steam technology of Singer ESP-2 will get it straightened. Interestingly, it comes in a portable and travel-ready size.

There are a few shortcomings; the steaming surface isn’t large enough for XL shirts, and it takes more effort to understand working with the steam press. 

Overall, it is a good value for the money, a quality product that you’ll always recommend. 
Features Recap:

  • Die-Cast Aluminum Base
  • Steam Burst
  • Auto Shut Off with Alarm
  • Adjustable Dry and Steam Settings
  • 10 oz. Water Reservoir
  • 1540W Power
  • 100 lbs. Pressure
  • Electronic Temperature Settings
  • 22 lbs. weight

  1. Steamfast SP-660 Steam Press

You are about to start giving your garments a professional look with the Steamfast SP-660. The steam press is adequately equipped to handle a large variety of fabrics. Being a 1,300-watt powered steam press, expect nothing less but efficiency and quality.

Relying on the automatic shut off feature, your garment is safe and secured from any form of damage. It is programmed to shut itself off with an alarm when it reached a temperature higher than what your material can handle.

Steamfast SP-660 has a 10-ounce tank that gets heated in just 3 minutes, and it is ready for work. The steam press is packaged with adequate accessories that make steaming easier and faster.

From any of the 5 pre-programmed fabric settings, there’ll be one that fits the bill. There’s a setting for linen, wool, nylon, cotton, and silk. Depending on your need, the steam burst button will provide enough steam for stubborn wrinkles. 

What you may see as a problem is a long wait for recharging the steam burst. Nonetheless, it is considered more suitable for shirts. 
Features Recap:

  • 5 Fabric Settings
  • 10 oz. Water Time
  • 3 Minute Heat-Up Time
  • 22 by 8.7” Surface Size
  • Automatic Shut-Off With Alarm
  • Dual Steam Burst
  • Locking Knob

  1. SpeedyPress Advanced Ironing Press – For Extra Large Garments

SpeedyPress was designed to cater for extra large garments with almost 50% larger surface than the most available digital steam press. It is not just an elephant by mass but with advanced features that make ironing look archaic.

You may want to measure to prove your doubts, but this is not less than 24 times larger than your regular iron. Picture the number of minutes you will save while trying to get crispy and professional looking fabric.

Even if you are interested in steaming multiple layers of fabrics, SpeedyPress is capable of handling it. With the 35 by 12.5 inches surface size, you will be cutting off 60% of your ironing time.

As an advanced steam press, there’s a LED screen that displays the exact temperature you are operating. You may decide to settle for an automatic or manual steaming. Lastly, heat up time is faster than every other steam presses you’ve ever used.

If the water tank is larger, it would have been commensurate with the size of the steam surface. Meaning you may run out of steam and the garment is not yet done. 

Nevertheless, the size and features make up for the little weak point. Most suitable for extra-large garments or industrial applications. 
Features Recap:

  • 1904 Watts Power
  • 35 by 12.5” Steaming Surface
  • 35 lbs. weight
  • 300 ml water tank
  • Clear Digital LED Display
  • Dry and Steam Settings
  • Fast Heat Up Time
  • Fully Padded Heat Reflective Cover 

  1. SteamFast SF-680 Digital Steam Press

Built for a variety of fabrics as the nonstick Teflon surface can accommodate fabrics as delicate as silk and nylon, or tough ones like wool and cotton. For the most stubborn wrinkles, you have a steam burst that erases any trace of wrinkling.

From the 10 oz take, it supplied water for steaming, quite adequate for single item ironing. You’ll know when the steam burst is ready via the digital display equipped with the steam press.

Solely for your safety, the machine has an automatic shut-off feature which ensures your fabrics are safe. This machine is not too heavy to move within the house and doesn’t take much space if you need to travel.

The heat up time of the SteamFast SF-680 is the only downside, takes a bit longer than your regular iron. 

For the simple digital control and professional look, it gives your fabrics, SteamFast SF-680 should be on your choice list. 
Features Recap:

  • 1350 Watts Power
  • 25 by 10.5” Nonstick Pressing Plate
  • Digital LED Display
  • Steam Burst
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • 12.8 lbs weight
  • 5 Fabric Settings
  • 10 oz water tank 

  1. SpeedyPress Oversized Iron Press

When you think you’ve seen it all with the digital steam press, you have in your front an ultra-sized machine called SpeedyPress.

With SpeedyPress. steaming is eco-friendly and time-saving. Therefore, a good choice for a big family, especially those with many children.

This machine releases to your fabrics 38 jets of steam which eliminate the most stubborn wrinkles and bacteria in one swoop. From the digital screen, you can select the fabric type and needed temperature.

Anywhere you need to iron, the collapsible handle makes mobility easier. Interestingly, the steam surface is as large as a conventional ironing board.

On the downside, the heat up time is a concern. However, immediately it does, steaming becomes fun. 

Once you can understand the functionality, you’ll appreciate the machine. I will recommend this digital steam press for a large family or industrial usage. 
Features Recap:

  • Ultra Xtra Large Surface
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • 100 lbs. Steaming Pressure
  • Fully Padded Heat Cover
  • Multiple Dry and Steam Settings
  • Automatic and Manual Steam Burst
  • 1800Watt Power
  • 1 Lbs. Weight
  • 10 oz water tank


Singer ESP-2 Electronic Steam Press is a good option to consider if you are in on budget. It does what it should do – smoothing cloths.

SteamFast SF-680 Digital Steam Press is equipped with advanced features a professional will always love.

Lastly, if you have a large family, sew or do a lot of quilting, I’ll recommend SpeedyPress Oversized Iron Press.

Do you know?

According to statistics, an average woman spends 4 months of her entire life ironing. A digital steam press can reduce your ironing time by at least 50%.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to start steaming and stop ironing!