5 Best Electric Scissors – Cordless Scissors for Crafting

Last updated on January 12th, 2020 at 08:57 pm

electric scissors for fabric
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Electric fabric scissors are not so popular, but it’s growing in popularity.

Having a high-quality one makes sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, or cutting fabric, efficient and effective.

That’s what took me digging deeper into battery-operated cutting scissors. An electric scissors that you can use for sewing, scrapbooking or all sort of crafts.

They don’t share a resemblance with the regular scissors but can be easier to operate once you get a hang of it.

Considering the ease of use, cutting speed, battery charge duration, value for money and most importantly the cutting strength;

Here are the 5 best electric fabric scissors to buy for 2020:

  1. Pink Power PP361LI Electric Scissors – Low Budget

As the name implies, it’s a pink colored scissors. It’s stronger than it looks. This is not your regular cutting scissors, it is battery powered with 2 hours of continuous use after a full charge.

Pink Power is not just for sewing, but also for other crafts projects such as quilting, dressmaking, scrapbooking or even opening packages. You can feed leather, metal, cardboard, and paper into this electric scissors.

If you are professionals who rely on different cutting tools in the workshop all day, Pink Power will replace these tools. The soft grip handle of the electric cutter will make cutting comfortable and convenient.

Compactly designed to be less than 1 pounds in order not to wear you out, and not too small to ensure precise cutting even with multiple layer of fabrics or scrapbooking materials.

Your safety is also guaranteed with the lock and safety button that prevents accidental movement. 

On the downside, the life cycle of the battery is a bit short for continuous use in the workshop. I’ve seen more from some cutting tools.

Dont be deterred! For fabric cutting scissors don’t expect much more. Beyond that, Pink Power deserves a place in the toolbox of every professional crafter. 

Features Recap:

  • 6v Lithium-ion Battery
  • 1 Pounds Weight
  • Lock and Safety Button
  • 2 hours of Cutting Time
  • One additional Blade

  1. Hawkforce 4V Li-Ion Electric Cutting Scissor 

Using the regular cutting scissors can be very painful and excruciating on a large scale. That’s why you need battery-operated electric scissors to make your task of cutting through feels as easy as possible.

With Hawkforce, there is no need to continue holding the bottom. Just push and release, then stylistically cut through your crafts

Also, its Large enough to ensure a high-level precision, accuracy without a feeling of heaviness. The blades are sharpened to cut through any material from silk, denim, jeans and other materials.

On the downside, you are only guranteed about 60 minutes of cutting time before charging.

On the bright side there are two attached blades for multi and cutom use. As a novel light-weight cutting scissors, it shows potentials with many incredible features. Get into a new cutting experience with the Hawkforce electric cutting scissors.

Features Recap:

  • Battery Charger
  • Ergonomically Shaped Handle
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Cordless Design
  • 4V Lithium-ion Battery
  • 1 Lbs. Weight
  • Extra cutting blade
  • Lock Power switch

  1. Black & Decker SZ360 Battery Operated Scissors – Industrial Grade

black and decker electric fabric scissors

Not so many cordless fabric or craft scissors have the strength to breeze through silk and denim like Black and Decker does. Just place multiple layers of fabrics on each other for the cordless scissors to eat through.

From the 3.6V lithium-ion battery, you’ll get not less than 70 minutes of cutting after a full charge.

The speed at which the scissors cut through without any manual effort is commendable. Regardless of the fabric thickness, Black and Decker SZ360 never fails to do it job excellently.

Sewing is not the only intended usage of the cordless scissors. You can utilize the scissors for quilting, scrapbooking, crafts and decorating.

It would have been better if the blades can be sharpened instead of being replaced. This is the only shortcoming of this electric cordless scissors. 

Its ergonomic design is the selling point of cordless scissors. 

Features Recap:

  • 6V Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 70 Minutes after Full Charge
  • Non-slip Grip
  • Universal Cutting Blade

  1. Dr. Snipper – Cordless Electric Crafts Scissors (Long Battery Life)

Dr snipper is a multipurpose cordless electric cutter, equipped with numerous features that keep you cutting all day. Anything and everything will be professionally divided into your desired precision.

The 3.7V battery delivers to you over 120 minutes of cutting after every full charge. The shape of this cutter is to ensure you are comfortable, not causing any pain to your palms. There’s a lot the sharp blade is able to cut; leather, denim, fabric, cardboard and many more.

On the downsides, It also struggles with multiple layers of medium to heavy fabrics or craft  materials. This you can attribute  to the multiuse blade.

On the high side!

You can trust the longer battery life. The control of the cutter is just at your fingertip with the trigger control within the reach of your fingers.  There are 4 options if you are specific about colours and looks.

Features Recap:

  • 3.7 V Rechargeable Battery
  • About 120  Minutes Use Time
  • Non-Slip Resistant Grip
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Nice colors.
  • multi-use

  1. Simplicity Battery Operated Electric Scissors – Easy Control

When it comes to electric scissors, the strength of the battery and the design is a priority. You should know that both features are a priority on this scissor.

 You need not bother about the material you’ll be working on, metal, fabrics, paper or vinyl, it’s work on it all.

The lime green colored cordless cutter is designed for any age grade, a perfect tool for your 12-year-old. Read the instruction manual together and have a clue on how to use it.

Consider the dexterity of your hand before buying, if you have any issue with it, then the cutter isn’t for you. 

Looking at the bright side, thick or thin, Simplicity Battery Operated Scissors is able to cut any fabric. Recommended as an easy to use the battery operated cutter. 

Features Recap:

  • 300 mA Rechargeable Battery
  • 60 Minutes Use After Full Charge
  • Includes Extra Blade
  • Cuts Metal and Leather
  • 54 lbs. weight


You don’t need to break a bank before using a battery operated scissors with Pink Power PP361LI at less around 50 bucks. Battery life is essential, at 2hrs of continuous use, the Dr. Snipper ordless Electric Scissors is good for sewing or for fabric

Involved in different crafts? Hawkforce Cordless Electronic Cutter is a multipurpose cutter for everyday use.

It’s time to do away with regular scissors and move to the future with one of the best cordless fabric scissors from this review.