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Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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best handheld sewing machine

A handheld sewing machine is becoming an on the go sewing gadget. Something we cannot do without when we are constantly on the move.


A minor tear always occurs sometimes. Maybe a little cut or tear on your fabric that needs a quick fix or seam repairs.

Imagine you are not able to use your sewing machine or you just don’t have one at the moment.

Using a hand sewing machine is your only option.

That said!

What are the best handheld sewing machines?  Which one should you consider or buy? Can they really stitch or fix simple tears on fabric? This guide would help you make that decision!

Wait a bit. Look through the comparison of Handheld Sewing Machines I made. This is to enable you to have a bird-eye view for easier decision making. 

Comparison of Handheld Sewing Machine

FeaturesAmadoAPlus MiniAPlus QuickJintop MiniHaitral
Power SourceBatteryBatteryBattery/DCBattery/DCBattery/DC
Tension ControlYesYesYesYesYes
Weight6.4 oz.16 oz.11.4 oz.9.6 oz.1.04 oz.

Top-Rated Handheld Sewing Machine

Here are my recommended 5 best Handheld sewing machines. Read on to find which one is best for you and compare their features.

  1. Amado Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

It is expected that a handheld sewing machine will be portable but at a shipping weight of less than 7 oz., it gets even better. It doesn’t end here, every supply you will need to carry out sewing with this portable sewing tool is already packaged.

Amado portable sewing machine is battery operated, you can get your sewing done even in the deepest of the Sahara Desert with zero electricity supply. With just 4 AA batteries, you are ready to power through the fabrics.

With zero training and expertise, you’ll still sew like an expert, that’s where this handheld sewing machine gives you an edge.  

No more emergencies as you already have the perfect household tool to get it fixed. Those who are always on the move should consider Amado Portable – it has the reliability and versatility they’ll enjoy. 
Features Recap:

  • Battery Operated (4 AA battery)
  • Compact and Portable
  • 4 oz. weight
  • 6 Month Guarantee
  • Heavy Duty Materials

  1. APlus Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

The fast and swift operation of this handheld sewing machine will make your bigger sewing machines gather dust for a long while. Either you intend to sew, or mend clothes, you have the right tools to get it fixed.

While on a trip, you can always find a small space to fit it, right in your pockets. We are not saying Aplus Mini will replace your regular sewing machines. However, the features it possesses is ideal for emergency sewing and mending.

APlus Mini is equipped with a tension adjustment, fastening plate, and dual power source. These features will give you an edge during an emergency as you can easily power up your mini handheld sewing machine in every circumstance you find yourself.

With this tool, you’ll also get the needles, threader, bobbin, and spindle needed to get started.

A sewing machine of this size is definitely going to have some weaknesses. If you are able to understand the stitching, you can deal with missing or jumping stitches.  

Outside of that, this is a cute little sewing or amending tool that will always get the emergency works done. 
Features Recap:

  • Pocket Size
  • Lightweight
  • Fastening Plate
  • Precise Stitching Control
  • Tension Adjustment
  • Type of battery

  1. APlus Quick Handy Sewing Machine

Regardless of whether you intend using this at home, travel or work, Aplus Mini Handheld sewing machine will still deliver. Looking at the small size, it will fit perfectly into the hands of your 12-year old.

Aplus Mini is faster than using a needle for repairs or mending and easier than operating a sewing machine. With the fastening plate of this tool, you work becomes even more efficient. The fastening plate holds the fabric in position, giving you total control of the sewing.

Unlike other handheld sewing machines, Aplus Mini is equipped with features that will even make on the spot sewing smoother. Not every portable handheld machine has a tension adjustment to control the tightness of stitches; this one does.

In powering this hand sewing machine, you have two options. One is with a DC6V power adaptor and the other is 4 AA batteries while you are off grid or without power supply

Don’t expect this hand sewing machine to work like your usual sewing machine. Take it as an amending or repair tool.  

Besides that, if you never owned a regular sewing machine and really want to quickly fix your torn-out dress or whatever, you will find this extremely useful. 
Features Recap:

  • Suitable for 1.8mm thick fabrics
  • Rotary Wheel Adjustment
  • Tension Control
  • Fastening Plate
  • DC6V Adaptor
  • Battery Powered; 4 AA Batteries

  1. Jintop Mini Handheld Sewing Machine – Cheap Option

This is not a toy, but a workaholic handheld sewing machine that will help fix or repair some simple sewing needs. Compared to other handheld machines you can consistently count on the quality of stitch.

Jintop is equipped with a dual power source; you can either use the DC power source or 4 AA batteries. Despite its size, it can sew through a wide range of materials; silk, light denim, wool, cotton and even thin leather.

The ease of operation and its simplicity makes it a perfect tool to inculcate sewing skills in your kids. With the necessary guidance, you can tutor them how to get sewing repairs done in your home.

Some basic features that are equipped with a regular sewing machine is present on this handheld sewing machine. You’ll have a pressure plate to secure the fabric firmly in position for sewing.

One area that is left out is the knotting of the stitch, you’ll have to manually carry this out.  

All in all, considering Jintop’s price and features, it’s a good buy to quickly amends your fabric, shirts, pants, or torn clothes. 
Features Recap:

  • Battery Powered
  • DC Powered
  • Pressure Plate
  • Automatic Sewing
  • Single Threading
  • 1 Straight stitch

  1. Haitral Handheld Sewing Machine – DIY Craft Tool

Let’s assume you’ve never owned a sewing machine, or you don’t even know how to operate one. In that case, then Haitral Handheld sewing machine should come into the picture and help you fix your torn clothes and quickly.

Considering the size and weight, it can also function as a travel companion. Maybe you can also consider this portable sewing machine as a student and get your jeans or pants fixed.

No matter your level of expertise when it comes to sewing, upon reading the instruction manual you’ll be able to use this device. Wherever you need to sew, regardless of the location and supply of electricity, Haitral will get you covered.

Haitral handheld sewing machine consumes very low power. Meaning fresh new batteries will work for many hours. You won’t have to buy a whole lot of batteries to sew.  

Get your kids with their little hands to try out this portable sewing machine. It is bound to develop their love for sewing in no time. A perfect DIY stitching tool for a wide range of crafts. 
Features Recap:

  • Low Battery Consumption
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy Threading
  • Low Maintenance
  • Dual Power Source


If you are still in doubt on which to settle for, let’s make some recommendation from the top 5 above.

Amado Portable Handheld Sewing Machine should be your first point of call as a frequent traveler who needs a quick fix tool.

If you are a student and don’t need to spend 5-10$ just fixing your pants or whatsoever, you should be able to afford Jintop Mini Portable Sewing Machine.

Lastly, if you are a seamstress and also work on the move the  APlus Mini Handheld Sewing Machine is sophisticated enough to handle your delicate fabrics.

That’s it about handheld sewing machines.


A handheld sewing machine can still not compare to the usual sewing machine we use. As technology improves we expect more and more to be churn out and compete with the basic sewing machine. But we are still not there!

However, the flexibility and quick use features of handheld sewing machines is majorly the reason for it increasing popularity.

Evidently, why we deemed it fit to review some of the best available.

Has this been helpful or have you tried out one of this tools

Let me know using the comment section below!