5 Best Janome Sewing Machine to Buy

Last updated on March 28th, 2020 at 06:28 am

We compared, tested and researched the top 5 Janome sewing machines. Picking out the perfect one is never too easy with so many options, features and benefits of each machine.

So here are our choosen 5 best Janome sewing machine to buy:

5, Janome DC2014 Sewing Machine

There are benefits every type of user of the Janome brands loves. Janome products are supper durable and dependable. Janome DC2014 is a durable and dependable  sewing machine.. Threading is very easy and it does have a lot of features.

Accessories abound with this wonderful machine. These items include bobbins, a set of needles, various presser feet, seam ripper, a brush for cleaning fabric, a screwdriver, a bar for quilting, foot control and a lot more.

On top of these, this machine can handle most thick fabrics. It can also sew multi-level fabrics. Both of these are possible because of the presence of an extra high lift for the presser foot.  All of these traits make this machine a wonderful sewing machine to have.

This sewing machine comes with a hard casing that makes it easy to keep and store. This is also a good feature since it will keep the machine protected from the elements and accidents when not in use. More protection is given by a hard case than one made with cloth. The attached manual is so very easy to use.

Janome DC2014 Sewing - Jaonome Sewing Machine
Janome DC2014 Sewing – Jaonome Sewing Machine

This is one machine built for just about anyone with moderate experience in sewing. Someone that can handle this sewing machine basics and somewhat complex features.

Buy Janome DC2014 from Amazon

4,  Janome 7330 Sewing Machine

This is one of the most dependable Janome Sewing Machine available. For a low priced machine, this one is packed with features. It produces top quality stitches on a consistent basis. This is certainly a wise investment for any seamstress at heart.

The Janome 7330 is one tough cookie. The motor has enough brute power that can punch the needle through any thickness of fabric. It even has the ability to handle upholstery without losing a beat and still produce the desired results required from it.

It does not come with a foot pedal. Some might think that is a bad thing, but not for this machine. It controls the stitching through a ‘start and stop’ button for easy handling of the needle.

Place the fabric beneath the presser foot, pull the needle down, pull the foot down and press start. Then you are off!

It offers stitches in various decorative designs. This means that you can wildly play with your imagination to come up with the best stitching from hems to curtains and whatever you want. The nice thing is that most of the designs look like embroidery.

Janome Magnolia 7330 - Janome Sewing Machine
Janome Magnolia 7330 – Janome Sewing Machine

Beginners and those who have a little experience in sewing will certainly enjoy this machine. This is one machine that will certainly help you develop your skills more

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3, Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine

The whole sewing industry probably knows that Janome Sewing Machines are some of the best in the world. No one can argue with that. The brand has gotten its reputation from the performances and quality of its long line of sewing machines. One of these machines is the Janome Magnolia 7318.

This machine offers design stitches with 17 patterns including  a four-stage buttonhole. It comes with a dial that can be set to a particular design stitching. Another dial is tasked to define the length of the stitching, while another dial is designed to control the tension of the thread. You will be happy to know that this sewing machine comes with a stitches locking system controlled by a lever.

There are other features that make the Janome Magnolia 7318 standout, One of such is the transparent plastic covering of the thread. This allows you to check the thread left without taking out the cover. The winding for the bobbin thread can be controlled easily.

Janome Magnolia 7318 has a high presser foot lift which makes handling of thicker fabrics easy. Over locking stitches can be done which results in clean edgings.

Janome Magnolia 7318 - Janome Sewing Machine
Janome Magnolia 7318 – Janome Sewing Machine

This is one machine that offers a chock full of features that are all very easy to utilize. What makes it a lot easier is the substantial information on the manual that is easy to apply or understand.

Buy Janome 7330 from Amazon

2, Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

If you could describe something so good and so easy to handle, the Janome HD3000 would be it. This is one tough sewing machine, priced at the entry-level with loads of features that will satisfy just about any user. It is easy to operate even when it is loaded with complex and complicated features.

If there is one feature that stands out from the Janome HD3000, it would have to be the 7-piece feeder.  However, this machines’ fabric feeding system takes full control of the feeding once you have initiated it. What is more is that everything follows after this.

There are 18 stitch designs that one can choose from. It also comes with a single-step buttonhole. The dimensions of the stitching designs can be modified through the turn of a dial. This is one feature that makes sewing with this machine a lot easier.

The machine actually has a stitching option for bags because it has a triple step stitching variant which produces the tightest result of all.

Janome HD3000 - Janome Sewing Machine
Janome HD3000 – Janome Sewing Machine

This is one machine that produces only the best results with a little effort. However, the amount of features might be too much for a beginner. Hence this machine should be handled by moderately experienced seamstresses and can be easily handled by professionals.

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1, Janome Gem Gold 600 Sewing Machine

This Janome sewing machine is tough and durable and can take on any sewing job that comes its’ way.  There are a lot of features in the Janome Gem Gold Sewing Machine that make this one of the best Janome sewing machine ever made.

First of all is that it is very quiet. It hardly breaks a sound. Then there the abundance of storage space where you can put the accessories. It is conveniently located, which means reaching for another foot or thread means you will never have to get up.

The digital screens are very clear and easy to read.  Needle threading is never a tough task because of the presence of the automatic threading device it comes with. 

Then there is automatic winding for the bobbin thread which produces a neatly wound bobbin. This Janome sewing machine is sturdy and tough. With this built, this machine would probably last longer than any machine in its category.

Janome Jem Gold - Janome sewing Machine
Janome Jem Gold – Janome sewing Machine

A machine built to last means that it can handle the toughest job of all. However, this machine is also very easy to use. This means that anyone from a first timer to a professional can handle this machine. 

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Final Words!

With all said and done, these 5 best Janome Sewing Machines have a lot of similarities and a few differences in them. To pick out the best machine for you is a subjective matter that depends on your skill level.   However, here is our recommendation

For intermediate to professional user, we will recommend you choose either Janome Gem Gold sewing Machine.

For a beginner looking for Janome sewing machine then pick Janome Magnolia 7318. If you are a beginner and ever think you will grow out of this very quickly then choose Janome HD3000

We hope this little round up and guide has been useful for you


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