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4 Best Sewing Machine Brand plus Top Sewing Machine Picks by Brands

Last updated on March 8th, 2018 at 10:57 pm

best sewing machine brand
best sewing machine brands

Which is the best sewing machine brand? Today there is a whole spectrum of different sewing machine brands. So it is not so easy to find the right brand and model which fit for yourself – especially for a beginner. If you are looking for a good sewing machine brand you should not just consider the price, but the brand you choose matters.

It is like buying a car. You do not want the cheapest one but you also can not afford the Jaguar at the loft. At least you want a car which has good quality and you do not have to go to the mechanic every day. It is the same with sewing machines.

On the internet you can find a lot of unknown and cheap sewing machine brands but you should consider if you really want to work efficiently with your sewing machine or doing repairs always. You should invest a little more on the best brands to enjoy your sewing.

In this article, we will review the 4 best sewing machine. Well-known brands like Brother, Singer and Janome offer really good products (not only) for beginners and guarantee a high quality, upgrading options at an affordable price.

brands and luckily for you we picked out the top sewing machine from each brand.


Recommended 4 Best Sewing Machine Picks by Brands


The brand Brother was founded in 1908 in Japan as a repair business for sewing machines. Since the first industrial manufactured sewing machine, Brother has always been known for innovative sewing machines and its high level of support.

They run a concept called “work style innovation” at which the company’s products were focused on enriching customers’ quality of life as well as their capabilities. It enhances users’ work style and, through that, their lifestyle. Additionally, their sewing machines and accessories offer ease of use and flexibility.

For the best brother sewing machine brand, we recommend you choose Brother HC1850. It’s a classy machine and includes a lot of accessory and stitching option.  You can know more about Brother HC1850 sewing machine from our detailed review. (Click to read brother HC1850 Review) 

Click here to Buy Brother HC1850



The brand Singer was founded in 1851 and is one of leading manufacturer of consumer and artisan sewing machines. It is one of the most trusted and recognized brands worldwide. The company has a long list of breakthroughs and innovation in their history just some examples are the first portable machine or its zig-zag sewing machine.

The easy use of the Singer machines has provided the gateway to sewing for people around the world. Through that people all over the world has the possibility to express their sewing skills from home décor, to clothing construction, embroidery and quitting.

For the best singer sewing machine brand, we recommend singer 9960 sewing machine. It has an amazing dozens of stitching options and style to choose from. For around $$$ including shipping, you can be a proud owner of Singer 9960/9970 sewing machine.

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Janome is another leading best sewing machine brand or company and their roots in America established already 1860 under the label New Home.

Since decades it provides high quality home sewing machines at affordable prices.

The company developed the first computerized home sewing machine already back in the 1970s. Other breakthroughs have been the patented stepping-motor technology or the home embroidery revolution in the 1980s. Till today the company provides high quality and innovated sewing machines for an affordable price.

Janome 2212 is one of the best Janome sewing machine brand and we strongly recommend this model. It is really cheap for what you get. It is a basic sewing machine with useful accessory and features. You can read more about Janome 2212, features, pros and cons from our detailed review. 

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Another remarkable best sewing machine brand is BERNINA which is considered to be one of the most influential sewing machine brands in the world. It has its origins back in 1893, in Steckborn, Switzerland. Since that time the company expanded their products worldwide and 1969 the quality brand BERNINA moved it headquarter to Chicago, USA.

The headquarters is still in Chicago today and it is a place for training and education provided to Bernina dealers or Bernina customers. All the models of Bernina have wrapped tradition and prescision as well as a host of premium-quality in sewing, embroidering and quilting.  However, Bernina is quite expensive compared to the other presented brands.

Now you have the best sewing machine brands with a pick from each brands. If you are interested in a specific brand, this could help you in making the right choice! 

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  1. I need a sewing machine that will suit couture level quaity sewing finishing. I also like the ability to do hidden zips. I am starting out again producing vintage recreations so I thought if I am doing that I may as well grow into the machine with more features and computerisation rather than have to upgrade later. Any comments?

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