8 Flexible Best Sewing Machine Tables With Cabinet

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You may already have the perfect sewing machine, but do you have the right sewing machine table and cabinet to complement that?

While you have the option of using ordinary tables or carts for your sewing hobby, choosing the ones that are totally meant for sewing enthusiasts, tailors, dressmakers and related people will make a big difference.

If you get the best sewing machine table that suits the nature of your projects, you can enjoy greater convenience, shorter working time and efficient access to necessary supplies and tools.

After a thorough consultation and testing, here are our 8 Best Sewing Machine Tables of 2021; 

8 Top Rated Sewing Machine Table 2021

#1  Sauder Sewing Craft Cart – Our Editor’s Top Choice

If you’re looking for an extremely practical working table, this product from Sauder is your perfect choice. For one, it has ample shelving and storage space that will fit all your tools and supplies for easy access while sewing.

Best Sewing Machine and Craft Table
Best Sewing Machine and Craft Table

What’s The Main Point:

This elegant and standardized sewing machine is purposefully made to ease your sewing work, saving you time and effort in completing your projects whether for business or leisure. Not only that, this table is also ideal for any arts and crafts, too!

The table top is only about 38.5 inches in length but when you’re going to work on your project, you will have ample space of up to 63 inches. Its width is 19.5 inches and the height of the entire cabinet is 28.5 inches.

Anything Else!

This Sauder cart may be 85.4 pounds but with the easy-roll wheels underneath it, moving this item around the house, office or studio is a hassle-free task that doesn’t require a muscle man to do.

Specifically, this craft cart has a hidden shelf for storing your sewing machine. It has also 2 storage bins for your crafting and sewing essentials as well as 2 adjustable shelves behind its door.

The best part is that when it is not in use, this Sauder working cart can be transformed into an elegant cabinet in your living area or a convenient display table along the hallway.

The Bad!!

At about 83.2 Pounds, the sewing table is quite heavy. Moving it from one place to another could be a hassle.

What makes this working table an even more practical choice for anyone is that the Melamine working surface is scratch, stain and heat resistant, which means that despite the heavy work you need to do, the unit remains an elegant piece of furniture at the end of the day in your home. It is truly a practical working table and crafting cart that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Features Recap:

  • Made of Engineered Wood
  • Easy Roll Casters
  • Melamine Top Surface
  • Heat, Stain, and Scratch Resistant
  • Two Adjustable Shelves
  • 2 lbs. weight

Check Details of Sauder Sewing Craft Table on Amazon


#2  Arrow Gidget II Sewing Machine Table – Best Bang For Buck

The Arrow Gidget II Adjustable Sewing Machine Table offers ample space for sewing with the flatbed and free arm machines.

Arrow Gidget II Sewing Machine Table
Arrow Gidget II Sewing Machine Table

The Real Story

Essentially, it can fit sewing machines with at most 23.5 inches in width and 12.5 inches in length. It can also carry a unit as heavy as 45 pounds.

This working table is sleek and slim with its size of 40 inches long, 19.75 inches wide and 28.25 inches high. The working surface or table top is made with Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) making it durable.

Here’s The Deal:

Its steel locking legs give this working table a sturdy base. They are also foldable, allowing for easy packing and convenient storage when necessary. Moving this product is even quicker and easier because of the wheels that can roll when the unit is folded.

This sewing machine table has a smaller variant, the Arrow Gidget I, which has a smaller opening size measuring 17.5 inches by 7.375 inches and a tabletop made from particle board. This too, is all white like Gidget II.

The Bad!!

The observable weakness of this sewing table is how it vibrates when the machine is being used at a high speed.

Any, fashion designer, dressmakers, upholstery makers and sewing enthusiasts, among others, will definitely find this craft table convenient and practical.

Features Recap:

  • Made With Medium Density Fibreboard
  • Melamine Top
  • Arrives Pre-assembled
  • 35 Lbs weight
  • Adjustable Two-Position Manual Lift
  • Steel Locking Legs
  • Flush Work surface

Check Details of Arrow Gidget II on Amazon

#3  TDM Sewing / Craft Center Table – Perfect For Quilters

Fitted with a framed door, a drop leaf and two adjustable shelves, the Sewing / Craft Center – Folding Table from TDM comes with an easy roller-coaster that makes it highly transportable whenever you need to have a change of working environment.

TDM Sewing Craft Center
TDM Sewing Craft Center

 What’s More:

The scratch-resistant Melamine surface adds to the table’s aesthetic appeal, adding color to your home. With such laminated surface, you can easily clean this TDM product. When not in use, the folding table can be closed to make it look like any other pleasant cabinet in your home.

The excellent thing about this table is that you’ll have ample space when you need to work on it, thanks to the extendable and foldable surfaces. It’s obvious that this TDM table is a total space-saver.

How Can You Use This?

This TDM folding table comes in different colors, including Amber Pine, Cinnamon Cherry and Soft White. It has a maximum dimension of 63 inches in length, 19 1/2 inches in width and 28 1/2 inches in height.

This sewing table from TDM is indeed a very much sought-after product by sewing enthusiasts. With its easy portability, lightweight and working space flexibility, this is indeed the table that will convert your sewing hobby into a profession.

The Bad!!

The bone of contention that counts as weakness is the material utilized in making the sewing table. Not so many people are OK with particle boards.

TDM sewing table definitely has the reputation of delivering as advertised. It is also ideal for any sewing enthusiasts who want to professionalize their hobby with a table that just understands their needs.

Features Recap:

  • Extra Large Workspace
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • Melamine Top Surface
  • Easy-roll Casters
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Hidden Shelf For Machine

Check Details of TDM Sewing / Craft Center on Amazon

#4 Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table – Ideal For Sergers

There are dozens of sewing tables in the Sew Ready collection from Studio Design. Just like it’s obtainable in all of the sewing tables from Studio Design, Dew Ready Comet offers strength, durability, quality and value.

The comet sewing table offers you a stylish and affordable upgrade that caters for all of your sewing projects.

Sew Ready
Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table Multipurpose

What’s Unique?

If you find yourself having to shift your workspace from one room to another, Sew Ready due to it lightweight design makes transportation easy. At about 37 pounds, the sewing table is one of the lightest sewing table available in the market.

To guarantee the durability of the sewing table, Sew Ready Comet is made out of heavy gauge. For maintaining a top to bottom stability while sewing, there are four flow levelers that does their job perfectly.

What Makes It Perfect:

There’s a platform that can be adjusted to suit your sewing machine.

For storage, there’s a folding side shelf and a lower shelf storage that can do a good job of safe keeping your sewing accessories. By relying on the drop-down platform, you can align your sewing machine in a way that allows your fabric to glide smoothly while sewing.

The Bad!!

Even with the ground levelers, there sewing table still bounce and shake profusely during the sewing process.

If you don’t run your sewing machine or sergers at a high speed, you’ll enjoy every bit of using this sewing table. Assemblying the table comes with ease, all you’ll need is a screwdriver.

Features Recap:

  • Made of Allow Steel
  • Four Ground Levellers
  • 37 lbs. weight
  • Adjustable steel gauge
  • Folding Side shelf
  • Lower storage shelf

Check Details of Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table on Amazon

#5  Arrow 503 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet for Sewing – Best Workspace For Embroidery

There’s quite a lot to love about Arrow 502 Sewnatra, it comes off the pedigree of class, style and exquisiteness that Arrow Sewing Cabinets are known for.

Of course, you want to know what makes this better than hundreds of sewing tables and cabinets available. Here’s a tip of information you should hold to heart before going deeper into the review; the sewing table does not fall short of style without sacrificing its functionalities.

Arrow 503 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet
Arrow 503 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet

The Best Part!

Do you know that due to the airlift mechanism, you won’t have to manually lift up the sewing machine from the cabinet. With a simple push, you can raise up the sewing machine out of the sewing cabinet into place. The same applies for returning back the sewing machine when not in use.

Interestingly, the airlift mechanism can be adjusted to suit your sewing machine base height.

There’s More:

You can have a flush sewing surface, all thanks to the universal insert. This is actually made possible by the presence of the airlift mechanism.

In so far your sewing machine is not larger than 18.88 by 12.5 by 18.1 Inches, the sewing cabinet will gladly accommodate it.

The Bad!!

In terms of flaw, this will be due to the design. The fold-out door should have opened to to the left rather than right.

With the three colour options available, you’ll definitely overlook the design flaw. Trust me when I saw that the sewing cabinet will blend in with your décor. Not forgetting that it has some of the best features available in a sewing cabinet presently.

Features Recap:

  • Caster Wheels
  • 40 Lbs weight
  • Adjustable Airlift Mechanism
  • Compatible With Both Sewing Machine and Serger
  • 2 Thread Spindles/2 Trays
  • 3 Colour Options
  • Shuttered Door

Check Details of Arrow 503 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet on Amazon

#6 Studio Designs 13362 Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center – Best For Industrial Sewing Machines

Most professionals struggle to find the best time and place to create the design they have in mind. With the Studio Designs 13362, this limitation of time and place can be solved permanently.

Studio Designs 13362 Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center
Studio Designs 13362 Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center

Here’s The Gist!

Studio Design 13362 sewing table featuring a wide, large and spacious table top that gives you all the freedom to spread out fabrics, cut out patterns and adjust your work easily.

You won’t need to fold a part or segment of your material due to lack of space. When you do not need so much space, the wide side shelf can be folded down.

And The Kicker!

Studio Designs knows the need for neatness and safety as such, 3 fabric storages is provided. With a large lower shelf, you can organize each of your supplies and accessories separately in an organized manner. Your working tools can be kept in a labeled segment while your needles, wool and button are kept elsewhere.

One unique feature of this work center is the ability to adjust the platform shelf to the height of your sewing machine. It is available only in Black and white. If you are to use on an uneven surfaces, six floor levelers are provided.

The Bad!!

On the downside, the sewing cabinet tends to bounce when the sewing machine is in use. Assembling the sewing cabinet will also require a steady hand.

If you really need something flexible and works for long on your sewing machine then you need this adjustable sewing table to help with issues related to sitting position and ergonomics.

Features Recap:

  • 100 lbs. weight capacity
  • Wide Work Area
  • Three Colour Options
  • Folding Shelf
  • Adjustable Platform
  • Bottom Shelf
  • Cloth Drawers

Check Details of  Studio Design 13362 On Amazon

#7 Arrow Cabinet 98500 Sewnatra Sewing Cabinet, Oak – Ideal For Sewing Hobbyists

In terms of design, it looks cute and well detailed with the well-polished Oak.

If your sewing machine is not larger than 12 9/16 inches from the front to the back, not wider than 18 7/8 inches and taller than 13 ½ inches, Arrow Cabinet 98500 will accommodate it easily and should be a nice choice.

Arrow cabinet 98500 Sewnatra sewing cabinet

The Real Story

On top of that, It has an airlift mechanism that easily lowers and raises your sewing machine in a single push. The mechanism supports all base heights of different sewing machines.

Keeping your sewing accessories within reach is adequately catered for by the two thread spindles and trays. The spindle and trays are located on the exterior of the relative flexible door of the cabinet. Arrow Cabinet 98500 looks cottage if the shudder door of the cabinet is closed.

How This Works!

If the Airlift mechanism is in a flatbed position, you can create a flush sewing surface. This can be done using the built-in unique universal insert.

It can function naturally as a nightstand if placed in a room, or you will just assume it is another fine piece of furniture. Arrow Cabinet 98500 ships in two boxes. In 60 minutes, with the use of a hammer, wrench and screwdriver, you will perfectly assemble the cabinet.

The Bad!!

You’ll need a bit of patience to have a hang of how the latch of the airlift mechanism works.

This Arrow Cabinet 98500 is compact and small but has most of the features the large cabinet or large sewing table comes with.

Features Recap:

  • Caster Wheels
  • Unique Universal Insert
  • Airlift Mechanism
  • Three Colour Options
  • 80 lbs. weight
  • Shuttered Door
  • Flush Sewing Surface

Check Details of  Arrow Cabinet 98500 On Amazon

#8  Sew Ready Master Sewing Machine Table – Best For Home Use

When you buy a Sew Ready Master Sewing Machine Table, you are making a life-long investment into your craft. Made out of manufactured wood, with metal as base material, the sewing table is intended to outlast your sewing machine.

Sew Ready Master Sewing Table

The Best Part!

For those who intend to keep their workspace tidy in a single place, this sewing table has three mesh storage. No need to have craft box all over the place, as the storage unit fits the bill.

When you have this in your sewing room, or workshop, it has a noticeable presence without sacrificing its usefulness. The sewing table is expandable to as large as 60.5 inch if you add the drop leaf platform.


To keep your cables organized and in a place, the sewing table has a 2-inch wide cord management hole. For additional sturdiness and stability, there are ground levelers that keep the sewing table in place even in the most uneven floors.

The Flaws!!

This would have been better if it comes pre-assembled, a lot of time and technicalities is involved in putting this together.

With the extra working space you’ll get and the sewing machine platform, the Sew Ready Master Sewing Table is indeed meant for the masters. Once you are able to put this together, you’ll derive value from the sewing table

Features Recap:

  • Manufactured Wood
  • Metal Frame
  • 6 lbs. weight
  • 3 Mesh Storage Space
  • Ground Levelers

Check Details of Sew Ready Master Sewing Table On Amazon


So, that’s our 8 best Flexible sewing machine table. Do you agree with our ranking? Are you using any of this sewing table or you planning to purchase?

Our Editors are in love with Sauder Sewing Craft Cart for it practicality, shelving and storage space. That’s why it’s our Editor’s Choice.

If you need to settle for the right sewing table without breaking the bank, you will have to go for Arrow Gidget II. While quilters will enjoy working on the TDM Sewing / Craft Center Table.

Or do you have a working table not in our list but will strongly attest that it deserves to be here? Tell us about it! Share your stories with us by leaving your comment below.

Don’t forget to share our post to your friends, especially if they’re fellow sewing enthusiasts and/or professionals.

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