Review of Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW Sewing Machine

Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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Review of Brother CE7070PRW sewing machine
Review of Brother CE7070PRW sewing machine

If your life passion is making gorgeous dresses as a designer, this is the perfect fit you’ll need in a sewing machine. You will become highly proficient in choosing stitches and putting the right finishing on every of your garments.

This is one of the few sewing machines in the Project Runway line and a computerized machine at an affordable price.

Using a Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW upgrades you to an expert level designer. This review is all encompassing, unveiled without reservations all that is needed to make a right choice of purchase.

Why choose Brother CE7070PRW Sewing Machine

Even though without some features, it is a user-friendly sewing machine with advanced features. Like every other machine, it is not without its own weaknesses, but in this case, they are minor problems.

If you choose the machine, you will find it easy to use, with plenty accessories to make sewing fun. Durability is a qualification of the CE7070PRW due to the sturdy build of the machine. It creates beautiful stitches consistently, and a good value for money.

As a reliable and simple machine, once you start using the CE7070PRW, you may never want to use any other machine.

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Description of Brother CE7070PRW Sewing Machine features

Brother CE7070PRW is a computerized 70-stitch machine with features only found in high-end sewing machines. Using this machine, the large sewing space and the spacious sewing table which is ideal for quilting are some of the strong points of this machine.

So also, for easy identification of stitch preference, a reference chart is provided at the front of the sewing machine. With a fabric feed adjustment which manages the fabrics, the machine is ready to sew any fabrics in a precise pattern.

If you love quilting works, CE7070PRW loves it also. You will be comfortable and in control with the drop feed mechanism which makes execution perfect and easy. The LCD of the machine will help you view and decide the best stitch to carry out your current project

Utilizing the threading system makes sewing swift and convenient. Using the needle threader feature, you can always do your threading with a single touch of the threading lever. This way threading is made easy and on the spot.

Popping the bobbin in and out is straightforward. The foot-bar doesn’t make noise or jerks without the stop-start feature. Sewing work is done without much noise in a quick way.

With a wide table, you have a large workspace to carry out large projects. The LED light of the sewing machine provides the perfect illumination over your work at dark hours. With the LED, you can view the tiniest details of your work without straining sight.

Brother CE7070PRW sewing machine

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 Who should buy Brother CE7070PRW Sewing Machine?

Regardless of your level of expertise, you’ll find this product helpful. Whether as a beginner or an expert, the Project Runway CE7070PRW will serve you dutifully.

CE7070PRW is an ideal machine to master basic sewing skills. As an intermediate seamstress, it would help in fine-tuning your sewing skills till you achieve a designer level prowess.

Quick recap of features Brother CE7070PRW

  • Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW
  • 70 stitches built-in variety stitches
  • Brightly lit LED working area
  • Seven elegant one-step buttonholes
  • Free arm (For sleeves and cuffs)
  • extra-wide table
  • Specialty feet for zippers, buttons, blind hems
  • Reliable top thread and bobbin
  • Support 120V AC


  • Fast stitching speed
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Produce low noise and without jerking
  • Durable due to high-end materials
  • Versatile, it can work on any material


  • Less portable due to the foot controller
  • Plastic thread holder which can break or bend easily
  • Complex tension dials and tension assembly

What’s in the Package?

  • Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW sewing machine
  • Presser foot (Overcasting foot, buttonhole foot, monogramming foot, Zigzag foot, zipper foot,etc.)
  • Accessory pouch with needle set
  • Power cord
  • cleaning brush
  • English and Spanish Instructions manual
  • Wide table
  • Bobbins (4)
  • Three spool cap
  • twin needle
  • ballpoint needle
  • extra spool pin
  • seam ripper
  • screwdriver

Brother CE7070PRW sewing machine

Check Details of Brother CE7070PRW – Amazon