5 Cheap Sewing Machine – Really Good Value for your Bucks

Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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5 best cheap sewing machine
5 best cheap sewing machine

Buying a cheap sewing machine should not mean less quality! Should it?

I took a dive researching, comparing all the possible cheap sewing machine in the market. This review covers all the possibility you will ever think of without compromising on quality. 

Whether you intend to sew your own dress, beddings or children’s clothing, these sewing machines will get the work done without breaking the bank. Since you won’t be doing much heavy duty sewing, probably occasional sewing, the selected machines may be cheap but didn’t compromise on quality.

Compare Five Budget or Cheap Sewing Machine

Here is a table comparing the top 5 cheap sewing machine. After the table you will find a quick review of these budget sewing machines.

FeatureBrother XL2600IBrother XM2701Singer 1304Brother LS2125iJanome 11706
Number of Stitches252761011
Free ArmYesYesYesYesYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYesNoNoNo
Stitch Per Minute800800750900650
Presser Feet56333 with extra high lift
Weight11 lbs.12.6 lbs.11.4 lbs.13 lbs.11 lbs.
Metal FrameNoYesYesNoNo, Plastic
Light BulbYesYesYesNoNo
Size12.3 x 7.7 x 9.6 Inches12.1 x 5.9 x 15.5 Inches13 x 7 x 11.5 Inches15 x 6 x 11.8 Inches17 x 9 x 14 inches

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

Words like feature-rich, affordable and lightweight are the perfect description of Brother XM2701. What makes Brother XM2701 to stand out uniquely among peers is quilting, which it handles excellently with other sewing projects. All you need to explore and display your sewing ideas is present in this cheap sewing machine. Even though it can’t be compared with high-end quilting machines, it is the best choice for any one on a tight budget.

Brother XM2701 cheap Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 is a stylish machine that offers 27 built-in stitches, more than any other machines on this review. The one step buttonholer is all you need to make perfect buttonholes where necessary. You will not need an extra effort in fixing the thread, automatic threading is fully functional.

The dial at the front of the sewing machine makes stitch selection a convenient and quick one. The drop-in bobbin will never jam, and you have six easy to swap feet to choose from.

All you have to know is that this is the best inexpensive sewing and quilting machine right now. Quality was never sacrificed for affordability; Brother XM2701 is a user-friendly machine every starter will love.

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Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Free-Arm Sewing Machine

For beginners in search of a cheap sewing machine, this is a dream come true. This brother sewing machine is a popular choice among sewing enthusiasts just starting out. You won’t need weeks to understand the functionalities of your machine. XL2600I is equipped with all the basic features required to become a top-notch professional

Brother XL2600i Cheap Sewing Machine

Boasting of many features than you will need throughout the learning process, this machine is also easy to use. The 25-built-in stitches and multiple sewing functions are enough to finish any project, but it is not too overwhelming to confuse you. Selecting the perfect stitch is through the use of a dial selector, just turn the dial, and you are there.

Everything about this machine is easy. An automatic needle threader is available the threading for you, while the top drop-in bobbin eliminates the hassles most beginners fear. At just 11lbs, you can move the machine from your sewing class to your residence without feeling any pain.

Another machine sharing same quality and features with Brother XL2600i is the Brother XL2610.  There’s technically no difference apart from the 59 stitch function that is present in XL2610. The two cheap sewing machines are not only similar in features but similar in performance.

Acclaimed and proven to be the best beginner entry level sewing machine, it proved that lower cost doesn’t mean lower quality. The light bulb provided will illuminate your entire workplace radiantly. Brother XL2600I is compact and lightweight but also durable. This is that type of sewing machine your kid would be able to use.

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Singer 1304 Start Sewing Machine

Why break the bank when you have a cheap sewing machine that is a perfect place to start. Singer brand is not a stranger to the world of quality sewing machine, but they’ve built a cheap sewing machine with all the needed features for a beginner. This cheap singer sewing machine let you enjoy sewing using a less intimidating machine.

Singer 1304 Start cheap Sewing Machine

The name has given buyers the exact idea of what they are buying. The 6 built-in stitches are adequate for a hobbyist and beginner. Home dressmaking and beginners’ tasks won’t be asking for much. This machine makes you feel like a pro with the easy set-up; just connect the cord to the power source, and you are ready to sew.

The Free arm is convertible to allow for certain sewing needs like collars, cuffs, and hems. The compartment storage will house your presser foot and other accessories with excess space left. Mobility and storage will never be an issue; it is portable and lightweight at just 9.8 pounds.

Singer 1304 is not a complex sewing machine, and it is perfect for home sewing needs such as alterations, small projects, and repairs. The included needles are suitable for light materials, but if you need to work on jeans, denim or upholstery materials, you will need to purchase the ideal needle type.

Right now, this cheap singer is one of the best in the market for beginners. That is not to say experienced and professional users will be able to use it. The affordability and brand is a good value for your money.

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Janome 11706 Sewing Machine

Many buyers would be attracted to the super cute design of the 11706 before asking about it features. This is a cheap Janome sewing machine that is strictly entry level; a small sewing machine that is 25% smaller than regular machines.

Janome 11706 cheap sewing machine
Janome 11706 cheap sewing machine

The small nature of this machine should not give you an impression that it is junk, because this is not the case for Janome 11706.  The beauty and affordability cannot take away the impressive 11 built-in stitches with two stretch stitch and four step buttonhole.

You will be surprised at this; Janome 11706 sewing machine is capable of handling heavy duty projects, yes it is! Other features range from three presser feet, stitch selection dial and pull-push bobbin winder.

You can even adjust stitch length and width between 4mm and 5mm on the machine. What else can you adjust? You can adjust the tension based on the material.

 Janome 11706 is built with a storage compartment for housing small accessories. The carrying case and seam ripper are the extras packaged with the green colored machine option (If you want this option make sure to select the green package).

Moving from your home to workshop or sewing class is easy at just 11 pounds. The portability and mobility is enhanced by the carrying case included.

If you are looking for a cheap sewing machine that is Janome, portable, then choose Janome 11706 sewing machine.

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Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine

Brother did not compromise on quality despite the cheap price tag of this machine. LS2125i is a mechanical model, perfect for beginners. This cheap sewing machine from brother is quite popular among beginners. They find the portability a great strength. At 13 pounds, taking to and from class is quite easy with the carrying case that has a sturdy handle.

Brother LS2125i cheap Sewing Machine

This machine stitches at a fast rate that many beginners might find hard to keep up with, but that makes it suitable for experienced users. The ten built-in stitches design and the 4-step buttonhole makes the Brother LS2125i top choice among buyers. The bobbin winding is easy to use and straightforward.

If you need to do specialized sewing, the free arm, and the convertible flatbed will make you feel like a pro. The mechanical nature of the machine makes it easy to use than computerized machines, and also makes learning fun. Despite the lightweight of the machine, it has excellent stability and sturdiness that keeps it in place during use.

Reverse and forward stitching is made possible with the lever; the thread tension is adjustable, and the dial control is intuitive. In summation, the LS2125i may be cheap, but it a good value for your bucks. This is a cheap brother sewing machine that the user will grow with, in technique and skills.

I recommend this sewing machine to any experience person who needs a cheap sewing machine for quick task.  Again if you are a beginner you can buy this if you have time to adapt to it.

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Final Verdict

The quality and features displayed by all the reviewed machines is worth the value. All are good sewing machines at an affordable price. Recommending one will be a difficult task, but these are the very best of cheap sewing machines.  If I will choose three, here are they:

For its quilting ability, Brother XM2701 is the best of the cheap sewing machines on the list.

So also, due to the ability to handle heavy duty projects, Janome 11706 is another preferable cheap sewing machine.

For an experience person, you should opt for Brother LS2125i sewing machine

Look at what you need out of a cheap sewing machine and select the best.

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