5 Good Fabric Cutting Table You Should Buy – Sewing Accurately and Easily

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Sewing is heavily reliant on cutting. Let’s me hit it straight, there can be no sewing without cutting.

Cutting with the wrong fabrics table can be stressful and time-consuming. Not to talk about the health effect of cutting on a very short, or too tall table.

Having a fabric cutting table reduce sewing time, helps with your posture and make sewing simpler.

I took a dive on some popular fabric tables on the market, considering height, cutting area and mostly ergonomics.

Here are my recommended 5 fabric cutting table!

Studio Designs 13374.0  Cutting Board for Large Quilting and Tutoring

Studio Designs is not a new entrant in the sewing accessories and furniture niche. In continuation of their amazing work, Studio manufactures the Sew Ready with a larger surface to accommodate even more and more fabric.

What this means is you can share this tablespace with anyone or use for a large quilting project.

A very sturdy and stable fabric cutting table that won’t move when in use. When you are not using the Sew Ready table, you can easily fold away. At full extension, this is one of the broadest fabric cutting table measuring 60 x 36 inch wide.

Think of how spacious this is for fabric cutting, adjusting materials and tracing out patterns.

Interestingly, the table packs a lot such as the wire mesh drawers which can effectively serve as the storage for your small sewing accessories such as scissors and rotary cutters. There’s more! There’s a bottom shelf which is an additional storage unit for smaller sewing items.

When on a long project that requires long hours, don’t worry the table height can be adjusted from 39.25” to 30.25” to allow you to sit or stand. 

The Bad!!

There’s no fundamental drawback I noticed except that there is no brace for the basket or brake for the table. Meaning it could easily slip away.

Features Recap:

  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Six Caster Feet
  • Bottom Shelf
  • Adjustable Height (39.25 – 30.25 inch)
  • 60W x 36D x 39.25 Inch
  • 69.8 lbs.

Arrow  Pixie –  Fabric Cutting Table for Large-Scale Projects

arrow fabric cutting table

A must-have fabric cutting table for every sewing enthusiast. Made from the best of fine wood, smoothly carved for achieving the best result. It can also be utilized for other sewing purposes.

This fabric cutting table has a tape measure which made it ideal for straight cuts. A very sturdy table that stands not too tall or too short but allows balancing of your body for support.

Either you intend to use a rotary cutter or scissors, the table will allow you to glide easily.

Arrow Pixie fabric cutting table has a mat which is a bonus. When not in use, the table is easy to store compactly. You can Employ the large cutting surface for large-scale sewing or quilting project.

Any issues? 

The Bad!!

You may find it difficult assembling the table but once you put it together, you will wish you’ve had it forever. Luckily though there is am assembling video to use as a guide. Another issue is that the height is not adjustable.

If you have less working space and sometimes need a very large cutting table you could fold, I will recommend this cutting table.

Features Recap:

  • Front edge tape measure
  • Multi-functional
  • Custom sized pinnable cutting mat
  • Open (59W x 36B x 35H inch)
  • Closed (13W x 36B x 35H inch)
  • 46 lbs.

That-Table Flat-Top Fabric Cutting Board – Fold Away Budget Option

This is not an everyday fabric cutting table. Made to look different, unique but outstanding. Suitable mostly for apartments and condominium lifestyle with limited space for practising your craft.

That-Table is best for quilting, sewing, and other sewing crafts. The 40-Inch height is not too high or too short. Measuring 55 by 32 inches wide, the flat top surface is spacious enough to allow for fabric cutting on a medium scale.

You will find the 51 by 28-Inch grid standard metric measurement indeed useful. This will assist you in making precise and accurate cuttings. If not in use, this cardboard style fabric cutting card can be easily folded into a compact shape Height of 3inch) and stored. 

The Bad!!

On the downside, you cannot use a rotary cutter on the cutting surface. So also, the working height is not adjustable, but the pros far outweigh the cons. 

In summary, this is a very light and affordable cutting board that can fit anywhere. 

Features Recap:

  • Comfortable 40″ counter height
  • Double wall cardboard
  • 13 lbs.
  • Flat top table
  • 55 x 32 x 40 Inch

South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table – Stylish Fabric Cutting Board

This is more than just a fabric cutting table, it’s a work-space that every top professional deserves. Available in three colour variants and enough space to keep all the essentials in an organized manner. The storage compartments are both closed and open for you to lock away important tools.

You will need extra hand to assemble this craft table. As a dedicated workspace, the surface area measures 53.5 inches wide, 23.3-inches deep, and 30 Inches high. You can get a stool to reach the height of desk while maintaining a seating position.

While you may look at this as a typical sewing machine table due to its size and weight, the finishing of the cutting board will serve your fabric cutting needs as well. A very versatile table that can be used for more than just fabric cutting. 

The Bad!!

South Shore Crea Collection Craft Table may be difficult to assemble and take around 2 hours. 

Even though this limitation, you will love the aesthetics this craft table add to your workroom. 

Features Recap:

  • 30” Height
  • 53.5 x 23.3-inch working area
  • Non-Toxic Laminated Particle Board
  • Numerous Storage Compartment
  • 131 lbs.
  • Metal Slides

Sullivans Home Hobby Adjustable Height Cutting Table – Ideal for Small Workshop

Sullivans made a craft table that works perfectly well for fabric cutting. You may have all sort of craft in mind for this foldable table, but cutting fabric is the easiest.

Measuring 39 inches in height and adjustable to around 28”, this cutting table would save you posture related stress or back pain. If you carefully follow the directions inside the manual, putting this together should be swift and faster.

You have plenty of space to lay out your fabric for cutting, no need for spillovers. The ability to collapse into a compact package for easy storage and transportation is another plus. There are an included cutting and ironing mat, that will come really handy. 

The Bad!!

Even though you can move this table wherever you want, there’s, however, a little minus: the table sways and wobbles while using it. 

Since you won’t be resting or placing your machine on it, this should not be much of a problem.  

Features Recap:

  • Cutting and Ironing Mat
  • Collapsible
  • Adjustable between 29” and 39”
  • 35.8” by 59” work area
  • Two level shelf
  • 72.5 lbs.

Final Round Up

 To cut fabrics on a large scale, you’ll need Arrow Sewing Cabinet Pixie Sewing Cutting Table. Spacious enough to accommodate large fabrics and sturdy without any wobbling.

A sewing instructor will need Studio Designs 13374.0 Sew Ready Hobby & Craft Table which allows multiple users to use the table for cutting simultaneously. The table is segmented into three areas, you can be in the middle while others stay by the sides.

Lastly, you can still get an amazing fabric cutting table without breaking the bank. That-Table Flat-Top, Fold-Away, Fabric Cutting Board is affordable yet durable.

Which of these fabric cutting table would you love to have? Let me know using the comment form. Maybe you get a surprise from me!.

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  1. Do you have an American (US) option for the “That-Table Flat-Top Fabric Cutting Board”? I’ve had one for almost 20 years and it’s beginning to show it’s age.

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