Review of Brother 1034D Serger Sewing Machine

Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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The Brother 1034D Serger sewing machine is a high-performance and dependable equipment to have when you want professional-looking finishing on the edges of fabrics, whether it’s a hem stitching or a decorative, fabulous flair.

Brother 1034D Review - Serger Sewing Machine
Brother 1034D Review – Serger Sewing Machine

Why choose the Brother 1034D Serger Sewing Machine?

You’ll want this Brother 1034D serger because it helps expand your creativity. With over 20 stitch functions and interchangeable specialty feeds, you can create a wide range of decorative stitching on fabric and garments. The accompanying manual also can help you build your own collection of gorgeous stitches.

You wouldn’t miss out on this Brother serger because it’s a big time-saver. First of all, it’s easy to learn and use, so you get stitching and focus on your creative side as soon as possible.

Secondly, the color-coded threading system helps you change threads and make adjustments quickly and easily. Third, many features are made to easily snap-on or slide-out such as the presser feeds and the free arm.

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Description of Brother 1034D Serger Machine features

As previously mentioned, this 3-4 thread serger has a built-in 22 stitch functions that open a wide range of creative ideas for your sewing needs. You can choose from among the ribbon lock, rolled hem, narrow hem and 4-thread or 3-thread stitches.

On top of these, the machine features an interchangeable, easy snap-on accessory presser feet. With a differential speed ranging from 0.7 to 2.0 millimeters that ensures professional, high quality stitching, your creativity is limitless on a wide range of fabric — even the stretchy and thin ones.

The serger can generate as many as 1,300 stitches in a minute. The length of stitches varies depending on the stitch functions you choose. The stitch width can be conveniently adjusted through a dial control from 5 millimeters to 7 millimeters.

The machine features a removable free arm, which can be conveniently slid off to have a convenient working surface for serging sleeves and other cylindrical components.

Brother 1034D Review - Serging, Heming and Overlocking
Brother 1034D Review – Serging, Heming and Overlocking

Other features worthy of highlighting are the easy threading system using color-coded and numbered loopers and the equipment’s capability of using standard sewing machine needles.

Who should buy Brother 1034D Serger?

Anybody who needs to finish hems, edges as well as create decorative edges and ruffles will love to have this Brother serger.

Dressmakers, tailors, seamstresses and other skilled individuals in the same business can enjoy great benefits when investing on this machine because it can cater to a wide array of fabric for formal wear and other apparel.

Makers of bridal wear will also find this serger delightful, as it can be a great tool for creating spaghetti straps, scarf-edge rolled hem and flowers made from fabrics.

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The machine can also be helpful to the enthusiasts of home decorating as well as of arts and crafts because the machine can do soft gathering or shirring stitch for curtains or stitch lace on fabric edges for a decorative piece. Brother 1034D is like a sewing machine that allows you to add icing on the cake. 

Quick recap of features for Brother 1034D

  • Machine dimensions is 11.73×10.98×13.19 inches
  • Weight of machine is 13.45 lbs
  • Sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Offers 22 built-in stitching functions, including 3-thread or 4-thread overlock, ribbon lock and narrow or rolled hem stitches
  • Utilizes 2 needles and 3-4 thread
  • Can use standard sewing machine needles
  •  Stitch width adjustment control (3-7 millimeters)
  • Differential fabric feed contributes to higher quality stitching
  • Color-coded threading
  • 2 snap-on feet
  • Easy presser foot pressure adjustment (dial control)
  • 2-point thread tension control system
  • Convertable into a free arm machine
  • Retractable knife blade
  • Safety system
  • Brightly lit working area
  • Built-in storage for accessories and tools
  • Removable trim trap

Merits or Pros

  • The equipment utilizes standard needles for sewing machine
  • It is easy to learn and use, which makes it perfect for beginners.
  • Aside from the 22 built-in stitches, you can also build your own unique collection of stitches

Demerits or Cons

  • This machine is not recommended for use in countries that do not support 120V AC, even if a voltage adapter is in use.
  • Although this can be used for sewing seams, this serger shouldn’t be used as a complete replacement of standard sewing machine.

What should be included?

Your purchase of this Brother serger comes with a free lifetime phone support as well as a limited warranty of 25 years. These tools and accessories are also included:

  • A standard, all-purpose guide foot
  • 2 additional snap-on specialty accessory feet, specifically gathering foot and blind stitch foot
  • Pedal for foot controller
  • 4 pieces of spool nets
  • 4 large spools of serger thread
  • Needle set
  • Container for sewing accessories
  • A pair of tweezers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Trim trap
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Soft-sided cover
  • Printed English and Spanish operation manuals
  • Instructional video CD
  • Lower and upper looper threading that are numbered and color-coded completely

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