Review of Singer S16 Studio Industrial Sewing and Quilting Machine

Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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If you’re looking for a straight stitch machine that can also excel in quilting and darning tasks, the Singer S16 Studio Industrial-Grade Sewing Machine should be your top choice!

singer s16 industrial sewing machine
singer s16 industrial sewing machine

A heavy-grade, industrial machine without the high price, packed with great features that make sewing more convenient, quicker and most especially, more fun.

Why choose the Singer S16 Studio Sewing Machine?

The Singer S16 Studio is not just for those who are serious in the sewing business. In fact, this Singer product is made to provide industrial performance at a fraction of a cost! This means that sewing enthusiasts as well as home-based seamstresses or tailors can enjoy great value for the money with this machine.

If you want a really straight stitching, the S16 will do a great job for you with its precision technology. You won’t have to worry about wobbly stitch lines. Complemented with the needle plate which is specially manufactured for sewing any type of fabric, you will totally have masterpieces at the end of the day.

Description of Singer S16 Sewing Machine features

With sewing speed of 1,600 stitches/minute, you will be able to finish your projects fast especially when time is precious. The long arm structure of the S16 Studio makes it easy to complete large sewing projects such as draperies and most especially quilts.

The S16 is packed with practical features that streamline the sewing process. For one, the knee lifter enables you to lower or raise the presser foot without using your hands. The automatic needle threader, the thread trimmer and the independent bobbin winding are big timesavers for anyone.

Who should buy Singer S16 Studio Sewing Machine?

The machine is perfect for professional sewers such as the dressmakers, tailors and seamstresses, among others. Singer S16 sewing machine will make a professional’s job much easier and quicker.

The sewing enthusiasts, among other creative individuals who are fond of fabric work, will also love the Singer S16 because there are so many features that help unleash one’s creativity.

Specifically, the adjustable thread tension ensures consistent stitch quality on any type of fabric, the programmable end position of the needle is essential when making quilts and appliqué.

The independent bobbin wiring system lets you sew continuously without having to stop just to refill a bobbin.

This Singer machine is also a great investment for owners of small businesses such as alteration shops and dry cleaners.

For a fraction of a cost of an industrial sewing machine, this Singer equipment definitely packs a lot of convenient features that allows these businesses to expand their service offerings without high costs.

Quick recap of features

  • The machine is 20 inches in length, 9 inches in width and 14 inches in height, and weighs around 31.5 pounds.
  • It has a long-arm design, giving you working space of as much as 9 inches length and 6 inches on the right side of the needle, ideal for large projects such as quilting.
  • Sewing speed ranged from 800 to 1,600 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable stitch length ranging from 1 millimeter to 6 millimeters
  • Convenient control lever for quick adjustment of speed control.
  • Programmable end position of needle to ensure that needle is in up position when removing fabric afterwards or in down position when planning to pivot fabric.
  • Easy bobbin insertion, thanks to the side-loading system of the machine
  • Independent bobbing winding structure allows for simultaneous sewing and bobbin filling
  • Has retractable guide and dual spool pins. It also has an automatic thread trimmer and reverse systems.
  • Adjustable pressure settings for presser foot (maximum of 11 pounds) to ensure proper stitching on delicate or thick fabric
  • Extra clearance for presser foot lifter, ideal for sewing layers and layers of thick fabric.
  • Has built-in lights to illuminate working space.

Merits or Pros

  • Packed with many features that makes sewing convenient and fast
  • The bright lighting is well-placed and definitely helps you see while working
  • Perfect equipment for heavy fabric
  • Ideal for large and/or heavy-duty projects
  • Has a very solid structure
  • Sewing performance is very quiet

Demerits or Cons

  • A heavy and large machine, not ideal for those who want to sew anywhere they want
  • Despite the diagram on the machine, you may find threading a bit complicated at first and you will need to read the details on the manual

What should be included?

The quilting and sewing machine comes with a limited 25-year warranty from Singer. Here are more items that should come with this machine.

  • The 4 presser feet, specifically: the all-purpose, standard foot; quarter inch presser foot; the free-motion presser feet; and the narrow rolled hem presser foot.
  • Thread spool cap, net and holder
  • A knee lifter and a foot controller
  • Needles
  • Darning plate
  • 5 pieces of bobbins
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • A storage box for the accessories
  • A bottle of sewing machine oil
  • Quick start guide and instruction manual
  • Fabric guide and setscrew,
  • Power cord
  • Soft-sided dust cover