8 Sewing Essentials for Beginners (Must Have Sewing Tools)

Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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A great way to dive into the age long craft is to possess the essential tools. Taking up a form of training is important and getting a good machine is equally of necessity.

Sewing Essentials for Beginners

However, it doesn’t end there. As a fresh sewer, a good combination of sewing essentials must not be overlooked.

What sewing accessory or materials are essential?

Check this compilation in order of importance. 8 sewing essentials carefully selected for beginners like you to invest in.

Basic Sewing Essential – What you need!

The must have sewing supply, tools or essentials for beginners are as follows

  1. Scissors

Sewing is about cutting. Therefore, a scissors is important. Your sewing kit needs at least three pairs of scissors or an electric fabric scissors.

The first scissors is a pair of dressmaker’s shears (good quality). It helps to cut through any kind of fabric with ease.

Caution: Never use this scissors to cut anything else but fabrics. The second is a ‘’small pair scissors with sharp points’’. This is really handy, used to cut threads and cut close to seams. The third is a pair of paper or utility scissors; to cut anything other than fabric.

  1. Measuring Tools

As a sewer, you need to take body measurements. This requires you to get a measuring tape, usually 60” long. Having a measuring tape helps you get accurate measurements when making clothes. Make sure to get one that is legible and durable.

Other essential measuring tools are a 6” sewing gauge and some see-through rulers. These two help to make straight measurements on fabric. Get a see-through ruler of 18” by 3”.

  1. Tailor’s Chalk

Before cutting a fabric, you will need to mark out measurements and join the points. Doing this, never use regular pencils, pens or markers on fabric.

You might create a mark on the fabric that wouldn’t wash out, thereby ruining the fabric. Therefore, save yourself some loss and get a tailor’s chalk. This sewing essential is a thin piece of hard chalk used for making temporary marks on clothes. Marks made with this chalk are easily washed off.

  1. Needles

There are two types of needles needed. The first type is the one needed for sewing by hand. There are times you need to complete fabric details that can’t be realized with a sewing machine. The second type of needle is the sewing machine needle.

As a beginner, it is advisable to get universal needles. They fit into almost all type of sewing machines and can be used on almost all fabrics. Depending on your task you may need a ball pen needle. However, for a start don’t worry yourself about this.

  1. Threads

Apart from the needle, you need threads for sewing. For a start, you should get a large spool of black thread and a white thread. As time goes on, depending on the fabrics to sew, you will need to buy other colors.

Threads are labeled for their different uses; hand sewing, machine sewing, etc. Be sure to stick to the recommended uses. Also, compare fabrics with the thickness of the threads.

  1. Pins and Pin-Cushion

Another sewing essential to own are pins and pincushions. While sewing or cutting, you will need to keep fabric in place.

Pins are meant to help in such cases. There are different sized pins; in length and thickness. At this level, all you need are the regular ones. You wouldn’t want to keep looking for pins. Therefore, for organization and keeping your pins safe, get or learn how to create a good pin cushion.

  1. Seam Ripper

As a beginner, mistakes will definitely occur. However, don’t get discouraged when you make one. A seam ripper is just there to come to your rescue.

Ripping out seams can be tedious and makes the cloth untidy. This sewing essential is friendly enough to help remove stitches without messing your work whenever you make mistakes.

Think of it as a thread eraser. If you just got a sewing machine, it may likely come as an accessory.

  1. Iron and Ironing Board

For a beginner, coming up with a neatly sewn dress is a great start. To achieve this, you cannot separate ironing from sewing. Your sewing projects will look more professional when seams are properly pressed.

You do not need to buy an expensive iron, just make sure the iron has a steam feature and can be used on various fabrics. For ease of ironing, invest in a good quilting iron and ironing board.


You cannot do without these important sewing essentials in your sewing kit as a newbie. All you need to do is get to work and sew as much as you can. Once you have these tools close by, there’s no stopping for you as you ride to stardom in the sewing game. 

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