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Last updated on October 17th, 2021 at 02:01 pm

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Owing a sewing machine is just not enough. You need the essential sewing accessories. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you want to come up with neatly sewn products with less effort and errors.

Equipping your storage compartment with the right accessories is a sure way of arriving at the intended results.

Here are the top 10 sewing accessories you should consider having regardless of your expertise or experience.

  1. Magnetic Seam Guide

This sewing machine accessory helps a sewer achieve the perfect seams. Matching one fabric to another without mistakes or uneven stitches might be a big deal without a seam guide.

A magnetic seam guide is different from the normal seam guide, because the magnets help the guide to stay firmly in place. Unlike other seam guides, this is a more reliable option for sewing through large amounts of fabric.

Magnetic seam guide affords sewers of any skill level the luxury of carrying out various sewing projects. This sewing accessory is inexpensive and provides invaluable assistance.

    2. Sewing Machine Cover

A sewing machine cover is surely a head start to keeping your sewing machine in a perfect working condition.  Your sewing machine might not be working optimally because of dust that have wriggled its way into delicate parts.

When your sewing machine is not in use, getting it covered is important. A sewing machine cover is one sewing machine accessory that is usually overlooked. However, it helps to protect the sewing machine from dust and debris.

Investing in a sewing machine carrying case or cover will not cost you’re an arm and leg. It is even an accessory that can be sewn yourself.

      3. Sewing Machine Feet

This sewing machine accessory is also called a presser foot. It functions as the fabric hold against the feed dog. It helps to keep the fabric in place as you sew.

To move your fabric around, you must raise the presser foot.  Every sewing machine comes with a basic machine foot and you might feel there is no point getting an external one.

Have you noticed that some sewing techniques are usually a bit of a challenge? Well! It’s because you are not using the presser feet that has been designed specifically for that purpose.

You are doing yourself good by having all the machine feet available. Using the recommended feet can give you a professional looking result.

     4.  Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

As a sewer or crafter, you need to regularly check and lubricate various parts of your sewing 

machine. Thus, a cleaning and repair kit is a must have sewing accessory.

Occasionally, you’ll have to tighten loose screws and carry out other easy repairs on your machine by yourself.

Cleaning tools in the kit contain tiny heads to fit the screws on the machine. Also, the kit should contain the recommended sewing machine oil that helps to lubricate the sewing machine parts to make them run smoothly.

Remember to put your sewing machine servicing up on the calendar at least once a year depending on how often you sew.

     5.  Buttonholer

As the name implies, a buttonholer automatically controls the motions involved in sewing a button hole; side-to-side, forwards-and-backwards. The buttonholer’s adaptor replaces the presser foot by attaching itself to the machine’s presser bar.

In place of the presser foot, the button-holer employs a cloth clamp with teeth underneath the machine. This helps to hold the material firmly while manipulating the cloth in its different motion.  

    6.  Sewing Machine Carrying Case

There’s no way you will not need to move or travel with your sewing machine at one point in time. Where would you keep your precious sewing machine aside from a carrying case?

A sewing machine carrying bag or trolley ensures the safety of your sewing machine while on the go. Since sewing is not a static profession, you may need to move your sewing machine to class, a client place, or a sewing conference.

This is different from a dust cover. While a dust cover helps to protect from weather element while static, hard carry case protects while in motion.

     7.  Ruffler

It’s difficult to sew a ruffled or pleated skirt using the normal machine foot. It gets even annoying when you try to pull the thread out carefully but it breaks and you have to start over.

This is because you are not using a ruffler. With a ruffler, you need not waste any sweat in getting that ruffled skirt, curtain or pleated dress sewn. A ruffler is a sewing machine accessory that helps you make perfectly sized pleats and stitches by holding the fabric in place.

A ruffler is a must have sewing accessory  especially those into mass production. It makes your job fast and easier.

     8.  Hemmer

To hem the edges of skirts, pants or straight fabrics, you must struggle with a needle and thread. Do you spend several hours to carefully come up with the perfect hem? If yes, this should not be the case anymore. Save yourself time and stress; get yourself this accessory.

The hemmer will fold over the edge of a fabric and create a perfect hem. You might not find it easy using the sewing accessory at first. Don’t worry! With just a little practice, it won’t take long before you become a pro and you will be 100 hems away before you know it.

    9.  Stabilizer

Imagine the difficulty of working on slippery fabrics like silk or linen. Usually frustrating and energy sapping. But with a stabilizer, you are making life and work easier.

Spray stabilizer is just like spray starch. It gives the fabrics a thickness that makes it easy to work on. You can make your delicate fabrics stiffer with spray stabilizer.

However, ensure you test it on a portion of the fabric before using on the entire material. Immediately you are done, wash out the stabilizers out of the fabric and it will go back to its slippery condition.

     10.  Edge Stitcher

Have you always wanted to be more creative with your fabrics? Get yourself an edge stitcher and find out how creative you can get with stitches. This machine accessory is a versatile tool that allows you to topstitch on the edge of your fabric.

With this sewing accessory, you can get enough decorative effects. This edge stitcher also helps you to sew laces together and attach bias tapes easily. Interestingly, you do not have to worry much about joining two distant pieces side by side.

To join two pieces of fabrics with an edge stitcher, turn a small allowance under to create a clean folded edge on each piece. With the stitcher in place, make sure the needle is in the centre position.


With these accessories in your sewing toolbox, you’ll enjoy the fun that comes with sewing. These accessories were chosen with the thought of helping you be better in your sewing.