10 Best Sewing Machine to Buy in 2019, Reviews & Comparison

Last updated on April 26th, 2019 at 12:31 pm

If you are looking for the best sewing machine 2019, then you are lucky because your search ends here!

From the most popular brands like brother, singer, Janome and Juki sewing machines, I narrowed it down to 10.

Yes! 10 top rated sewing machines for 2019 that offers the best bang for your bucks and still delivers exceptional stitches.

best sewing machineI have consulted some sewing professionals, read lots of consumer’s reviews, got feedback from some users and even use some of these machines.

You will not find any buying guide that is as detail as this.

So, if you are in hurry, here is a summary of this sewing machine reviews or guide.

Compare the Best Sewing Machines to Buy in 2019 

ProductBuilt-in-StitchesMy RecommendationCheck
SINGER 9960 Sewing Machine600Editors Top ChoiceCheck Price
Brother PC420PRW Computerized Sewing Machine294Best for Professional UserCheck Price
Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing Machine130Best for Home or Personal UseCheck Price
Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine27Budget FriendlyCheck Price
Juki DDL-8700-Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine1 - Straight StitchPerfect for Industrial UseCheck Price
Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine67Embroidery and Sewing (Combo)Check Price
SINGER 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine100Good for BeginnersCheck Price
Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine60Perfect Entry LevelCheck Price
Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine18Perfect for LeathersCheck Price
Brother PQ1500SL High-Speed Quilting and Sewing Machine1 - Straight StitchBest for QuiltersCheck Price

I would like to make it easier for you to pick the best sewing machine. Here are the 10 most important factors to consider (link take you to the bottom of this page for the buying guide).

Thank me later.

Continue reading If you would like to head straight to the review. I would still recommend you go through this guide thoroughly before you proceed.

That said! Here we go.

10 Best Sewing Machine That Gets the Job Done

I have carefully selected the best of sewing machines and now you have the quick review of the top rated ones to buy below. Keeping all the tips mentioned in my guide above on your fingertips, here are the reviews.

SINGER 8060/9960 Review – Editors Top Choice

Singer 8060-Editors best Sewing MachineYou can quilt, do basic embroidery, do a monogramming task, stitch anything and do a lot more with Singer 8060/9960. 

Boasting of a compact and catchy appearance which gives a great effect to the classy appearance, this machine has an amazing 600 in-built stitch patterns which include 5 alphanumeric fonts plus thirteen fully automatic 1-step buttonholes.

Here’s the Kicker:

With this sewing machine, you have so much stitch pattern to play with and an endless project opportunity for you. Considering the number of included accessory and stitch pattern, Singer 8060/9960 is reasonably priced.

Singer 9960 sewing machine comes with exclusive buttonholes under-plate, stitch elongation and mirror imaging options that provides options to customize sewing projects. You can control the exact look of a stitch pattern with its built-in Stitch editing capabilities.

Why does all this matter?

The Start-up of this machine is a really a breeze. Threading is fast and easy. There is also automatic stitch width function, a start, and stop button plus direct button stitch selections.

The Bad!!

From the first touch, you may find the sewing machine complicated. However, constant use makes a pro out of you. Lastly, with the weight don’t even think of moving this around.

My Verdict

As one of the most popular sewing machine in the market that offers a lot of extra functions and bonus accessory, singer 9960/8060 is all you need if you are an experienced or professional sewer or if you need so many stitching options to choose from.

This is a top rated sewing machine and is worth every dime. Go for it if you can!

Features Recap:

  • 600 built-in-stitches
  • 7mm Stitch Width
  • Easy Threading System
  • 17.6 lbs
  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • 13 Buttonholes Styles
  • Mirror Imaging and Elongation Function
  • Maximum Speed Control Lever
  • Needle Up and Down Button
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin

Brother PC420PRW Sewing Machine Review – Best for Professional User

Brother PC420PRW Sewing Machine – Best for Professional UserBrother Project Runway PC420PRW computerized sewing machine delivers couture-level consistent stitch quality. This machine has a complete 11 presser feet, a full set of accessories and hard case.

What’s more!

PC420PRW offers precision and customization providing a good opportunity for you to get imaginatively creative in your projects. With its 294 stitch styles, programmable custom-stitch full options you can stitch and do lot more.

How can you use this?

Perhaps you want to effectively and efficiently complete various projects like blankets, pillows, bed cover clothing and napkins: then this machine will do just that. It handles all types of fabrics from tricot and nylon to upholstery and light leather fabrics.

The Bad!!

As a professional grade sewing machine, the left positioning of the needle makes sewing tedious. Adjusting and adapting to the new position will take a little while.

Likewise, the use of a screwdriver to change the walking tool will cause a little discomfort.

My Verdicts

The Brother PC420PRW sewing machine comes with many customization options, which will allow you to sew any project of your imagination. A sewing machine that makes you happy with your chosen profession; making sewing enjoyable and convenient for you!

If you looking to achieve not only ordinary sewing but also professional-level results in sewing, then this is the sewing machine of your choice.


Features Recap: 

  • 294 Built-in stitches
  • 850 Stitches per minute
  • LCD Display
  • Metal frame construction
  • Dual Lighting System
  • One-handed threading system and F.A.S.T bobbin system
  • My Custom Stitch Feature
  • Speed Control
  • Pressure Adjustment
  • Exceptional Feeding System

Brother HC1850 Sewing Machine Review – Best for Personal Home Use

Best sewing machine for personal use

If brother HC1850 is absent on any list of the best sewing machine, there’s a need to question the relevancy. Brother HC1850 sewing machine offers the flexibility to do everything from simple monogramming, to adding decorative stitches, crafting projects, creating quilts, sewing buttonholes and much more.

Here is the point!

brother hc1850 sewing machine accessoryThere are 130 unique stitches, which includes 8 styles of one-step buttonholes, 55 alphanumeric sewing stitches for perfect basic monogramming, 7 punctuation marks and 8 speciality symbols.

What’s Unique?

This machine is perfect for quilting as it can do free-motion quilting. The detachable wide table allows for enough working area: Also a LED-lit work area provides enough luminance to view any detail of your projects and is perfect when sewing on darker fabrics or environment.

That’s not all?

It comes with an accessory pouch that contains a lot of accessories. This machine is easy to use, incredibly lightweight and makes it perfect for carrying to classes.

Setting up this machine is even easier and faster. With the aid of the instructional DVD, you’ll be ready to go in plus or minus 5 minutes.

Any Flaws?

The few flaws noticeable is being lightweight, lacking the sturdy feel. To some, this is a great advantage while others see it as a disadvantage. Likewise, the machine cannot carry out very fast quilting.

My Verdict

If you need a simple home use machine that can do almost all task like quilting, stitching, monogramming, then this is the sewing machine designed for your exclusive use.

It is also perfect for beginners or student and offers good value for money.

Features Recap: 

  • 130 Built in stitches
  • 8 one-step buttonholes
  • Automatic needle threading
  • 9 Presser Feet
  • Wide Table
  • 13.2 lbs
  • 850 Stitches per minute
  • One Built-in Monogramming font
  • Drop Feed

Brother XM2701 Review – Budget Friendly Sewing Machine

Brother XM2701 Review – Budget Friendly Sewing Machine

Are you a professional user in search of a lightweight, cheap, portable sewing machine that you can ferry around easily? Or perhaps you are a beginner trying to find your way into sewing; Brother XM2701 fits the bill.

What’s unique?

Adapting to the machine is quite easy with the explicit instruction manual. From any of the 27 stitches to choose from, you will be able to employ Brother XM2701 for your personal sewing projects.

XM2701 excellently carries out crafting, quilting, and sewing or even home décor task. There’s a bright light bulb that illuminates the entire work-space. Sewing cuffs, sleeves, and hems come easy with a free arm.

So also, threading and cutting the thread is also automatic, in addition to the jam resistant drop-in bobbin.

The high point of this tool is the rotary dial for easy stitch selection.

The Bad!!

The stitch speed is a bit low compared to related machines. It would not be suitable for fast quilting. For a sewing machine of this price range, the pros outweigh the cons.

My Verdict

With an affordable price tag, ease of use, reasonable features and no sacrificing of quality Brother XM2701 is one of the best sewing machines available today.

Add this to your list for consideration if you on the budget.


Features Recap: 

  • 27 Built in Stitches
  • Auto-size Button-holer
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Weight of 13 lbs
  • Jam resistant top drop-in bobbin
  • 6 Quick change presser feet
  • Bright LED light
  • Instructional DVD and Bilingual Manual
  • Rotary Dial stitch selector
  • Foot Pedal

Juki DDL-8700 Sewing Machine Review – Perfect for Industrial Use

Best Juki Sewing Machine - industrial

Juki DDL 8700 with a top of the line powerful servo motor is a great industrial strength straight stitch sewing machine that is perfect for home use.

A rugged option that outperforms many of its peers without extra effort! To see the beauty of this beast, utilize it in a demanding and high-pressure environment. Juki DDL-8700 is a combination of speed, strength, and persistence.

What’s the real story?

As an industrial grade sewing machine, sewing over 5000 stitches per minute comes comfortably. Despite the speed and power, lightweight and medium fabrics are gently treated. Unlike other machines with such speed and power, Juki DDL-8700 delivers smoothly without jamming.

I cannot overlook the rugged design which from the first look, you’ll know it will last long under any working condition. Even though it is utility oriented and does not come computerized or automated, every seam shop will find this worthy to add to their sewing tools.

What’s Unique?

A great peck that serves as the high point of the sewing machine is the low noise and vibration generated thanks to its servo motor.

In addition, the quality engineering and sturdy all-metal construction is a plus. What DDL-8700 needs is regular maintenance, and it will forever be an important asset.

The Bad!!

One of the fastest machines out there, but being a single stitch purpose machines makes it monotonous. You will not have the numerous features modern or recent ones possess.

My Verdict

As a very hardworking, sturdy and powerful machine, Juki DDL-8700 will be valuable to professionals and highly experienced sewers looking for an everyday industrial or commercial home grade sewing machine.

DDL-8700 is highly relevant and recommended for carrying out high voluminous sewing task.


Features Recap:

  • 5500 Stitches per minute
  • Adjustable sewing speed – RPM
  • Servo motor
  • 1/2-inch presser foot lift by the knee lever
  • Single-needle, lockstitch sewing
  • 11-inch arm space from neck to needle
  • Knee lifter
  • Thread Stand
  • Tabletop Plywood

Brother SE400 Review – Ideal for Specialized Embroidery and Sewing (Combo)

Best sewing and Embroidery Combo

Built to prove that sewing is an art, this is one of the most wanted sewing machine, unique for its multitasking ability. Brother SE400 is a computerized sewing and embroidery machine that will bring out the artist in you.

You are about to experience a new level of creativity, just jump on the machine, you will do something awesome.

What’s the point!

There’s too much to mention for Brother SE400 in terms of features. One thing you should know is that this is 2 in 1 machine. Meaning you can use it for sewing and specialized embroidery. There’s a 4” by 4” embroidery frame and 67 Built-in Stitches to play with.

While the frame provides enough space for designing, the in-built LCD screen allows easy choice in choosing embroidery designs.

You can even edit and import designs from the internet to the Brother SE400, that’s if you don’t find any of the pre-installed 70 applicable. Aside from the availability of thousands of designs from the internet, you can also upgrade the firmware whenever there’s a new one.

The Bad!!

The embroidery area is small to be able to create large and comprehensive designs. Though for the price range you will not get any better deal. Replacing the needle is quite difficult also.

Lastly, don’t totally rely on the pre-loaded patterns; they are more of practising design.

My Verdict

Equipped with numerous features and packaged with enough accessories, Brother SE400 is versatile, strong and outstanding. Do you need specialized embroidery and a sewing machine? Then no need to spend on two different machines.

Brother SE400 is a sewing and embroidery machine and can handle both tasks efficiently. SE400 is ideal for Entry Level Embroidery Design and sewing option.


Features Recap:

  • 67 Built-in Stitches
  • 70 Built-in Designs
  • 4” by 4” embroidery area
  • 5 lettering fonts
  • Internet connectivity
  • LCD Screen
  • Bilingual User Manual
  • 400 Stitches per minute
  • LED Lighted Work-space
  • 7 Point Feed Dog

SINGER 7258 Stylist Review – Good Choice for Intermediate to Beginners

Best Sewing Machine for Beginners - Singer 7258

One negative thing about SINGER 7258 award-winning sewing machine is that it’s too much value for money. Cheap for what you get at such price. Singer Stylist has almost everything a sewer needs and even more except the monogramming capability.

Here’s the deal:

Singer 7258 sewing machine stitches

If you are a stylist or you are looking for an entry to an intermediate level option that can do a lot more with then, Singer 7258 Stylist fits the bill. It offers a large variety of stitches for all the types of sewing, including fashion sewing, heirloom, quilting, crafts, decorative and home sewing.

The electronic automatic pilot feature and the speed control offers sewer full charge of sewing speed. This feature makes sewing challenging parts easier to sew and error-free. Singer 7258 makes threading so easy that you can easily thread an entire machine from spool to needle’s eye within six seconds.

One interesting thing is that you can do basic embroidering works, wonderful stitches and quilting with this amazing valued sewing machine!

The Bad!!

Despite having several presser feet, a manual adjustment cannot be easily done.

Lastly, this sewing machine cannot sew thick materials well enough. Be aware that you may need extra lighting at night also, as the LED light does not adequately illuminate the work-space.

My Verdict

Summarily, from the perspective of price and value with the features it offers, Singer 7258 is Ideal for Beginners.

Simplicity, value for money and swiftness is the characteristics of this computerized sewing machine.


Features Recap:

  • 100 Built-in stitches
  • 10 Presser’s feet
  • Automatic Needle threader
  • Automatic Tension
  • StayBright LED light
  • 7 Fully Built Automatic Buttonholes
  • Speed control button
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • Twin Needle Capability
  • A weight of 14.6 lbs

Brother CS6000i Review – Entry Level Sewing Machine

Best Entry Level Sewing Machine - Brother CS6000IEnjoy sewing and quilting plus crafting-easily and affordable with the value-packed CS6000i sewing machine. CS6000i is versatile, portable, value-packed, for those who are looking for low-cost sewing options for a wide range of quilting and sewing projects.

Brother CS6000i represents the most unbelievable value for money in the market. This machine has satisfied a lot of users.

You will not get any sewing machine that has as much accessory and cheap as the Brother CS6000i. It is lightweight and easy to use. It is very good for moving around and comes with a carrying case.

The best part!

Brother CS6000 sewing machine comes packed with many easy to use features for beginners and even experts in the game. With any of the 60 built-in stitches, you will be able to make different items such as quilts, dresses, embroidery, and covers.

The bobbin is very smooth and easy to wind and drop. At a speed of 850 stitches per minute, you are set to go and also in control with the start/stop speed controller.

The Bad!!

Without exaggeration, Brother CS6000i deserves all the glowing review it has and more.

Nevertheless, the number of stitches are lower than others in this price range. It also lacks monogramming and the least embroidery features. The truth: no other sewing machine has this options in the given price range.

My Verdict

Aside from this bug, I really would commend the innovation, simplicity, and creativity of the Brother CS6000i.

Recommending it for a beginner or intermediate user would not be an exaggeration. Wherever and whenever you need to go, class, work or office, the lightweight nature makes it very portable and easy to ferry around.


Features Recap:

  • 60 Built-in-stitches
  • 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes
  • Hard Cover
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Quilting Table
  • Bilingual User Manual
  • Jam-resistant Quick-set top drop-in bobbin
  • Start/Stop Speed control
  • A weight of 13 lbs

Janome HD3000 – Perfect for Leathers

Janome HD3000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Review – Perfect for Leathers

Janome HD3000 possesses the ability to handle both fragile and thick layers of materials without even a cough. A machine respected by those who cherish sturdiness and solid build of a sewing machine.

What’s unique?

Boasting of features that’s makes it attractive to two sets of users(beginners and professionals) who see the 18 built-in stitches and the 7 presser feet as enough to go over stubborn and delicate fabrics.

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine - StitchesEven though mechanical machines are not as popular as they used to be, Janome HD300 still enjoys the respect of those who know its strength.

Stitches choice may not be one of the strong points of this sewing machine but selecting the few available ones is indeed easy with a selection dial.

You will be able to adjust the stitch width and length to 6mm by 4mm – quite modest for a mechanical machine. Every feature on the Janome HD3000 is intended to make sewing easy and enjoyable at the same time. 

On the downside!

One blemish that will always stick out is the limited numbers of buttonholes styles available. One is not enough for any serious fashionista. We all love varieties and choices. Don’t we?

Likewise, the number of stitches available is limited to less than 20. For heavy duty work like fixing some leather, bags, or jeans it’s quite enough.

My Verdicts

Janome HD3000 is not for chicken-hearted users, best used by those serious about the sewing multiple layers of hard fabric or other thick materials – perfect sewing machine for leathers.


Features Recap:

  • 18 Built-In Stitches
  • 7 Presser Feet
  • 1 Step Automatic Button-holer
  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • Foot Pressure Adjustment
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • 7 Point feed dog system
  • Manual Lay-in Tension Thread
  • Stitch Selection Dial

Brother PQ1500SL Sewing Machine Best for Quilting

Brother PQ1500S - Best Sewing Machine for Quilting

From a first look, Brother PQ1500SL has the aesthetic of a sewing machine that appeals to the oldies but has the heart and strength of the younger generation.

Brother PQ1500S Quilting Sewing Machine ReviewThat’s where it derives the ability and manipulation of handling the most difficult of materials from Suede, Velvet and even Leather.

What makes it perfect?

Brother PQ1500SL is the perfect and ideal machine for high-speed quilting, free motion quilting, and repetitive straight stitching. The strength of the machine lies in the ability to handle large and demanding projects without  fear of performance and quality. With a single straight stitch, this machine wasn’t built for decorations and designs but for speed.

As a quilter, you are used to the challenges faced in the process, that’s why you need a machine that can handle the limitations without extra effort.

PQ1500SL is equipped to sew together many layers of different materials in an excellent manner. As an industrial quilting machine, handling thick layers of fabrics is well prepared for.

The Bad!!

This is no machine for beginners with the speed of the machine – even complicated by the lack of a speed control mechanism.

Other weakness of this straight stitch industrial sewing machine which can be overlooked is the lack of a free arm and inability to use twin needles.

My Verdicts

Recommend only to top professionals who intend to invest in a high-speed sewing machine for quilting. Brother has equipped the PQ1500SL to get the job done faster than most.


Features Recap:

  • One Straight Stitch
  • 1500 Stitches per Minute
  • Automatic Threading System
  • FAST bobbin winding
  • 12” x 18” inch extension table
  • Removable Knee Lifter
  • 29.8 lbs weight
  • F.A.S.T needle threader
  • Light Bulb over Workplace
  • Heavy-duty metal construction

10 Tips for Choosing a Sewing Machine – What you must know!

Investing in a good machine can be an expensive project for some, but making the right choice is one big hell of an issue. Here are the most important factors to consider while searching for a sewing machine to buy.

Have that in mind.

Purpose of Sewing

Ask yourself what do you need the machine for? And what would be the major task? Would it be stitching, embroidery, monogramming, for heavy thick clothes or for a general task? Some machines are adapted mostly for one or two major tasks.

Although there are machines that can do almost all task; good sewing machine is built for only one or more primary task.

So, keeping this in mind would help you to narrow down your search from many.

Built-in Stitches

One important feature that should be considered, is the type and number of the available stitch.

However, you should be aware that the two indispensable sewing machine stitches are the straight and zigzag stitch.

With these two, you can fashion out almost everything you need. However, consider what stitch you require the most and if you are limited by budget make some trade-off.

Size and Weight

The size of a sewing machine must be considered. A heavy one can be an issue especially if you need to move around with it or you need to take it to classes.

In other aspects, very light one could also be worrisome especially if you sew hard or heavy fabric. The balance is needed here depending on your need and purpose of use.

Noise level

Using a machine should not lead to ear defects or you disturbing the entire neighborhood. Factor the vibration and the noise generated by the machine as a requirement for buying.

Please know that sewing machines can never be totally noiseless regardless of what motor the manufacturer installed. What should be your basic concern is your tolerance for the vibration and noise level.

If you would be working around the clock from home, go for industrial grade options with servo motors. These motors are less noisy and smooth.

One of my favorites is the Juki DDL-8700. Here are my industrial sewing machines recommendations.

Preferred brand

No doubt like anyone looking to buy a new product, you may already have a favorite brand in mind. You must have read through the list of the best sewing machine brands. If you have not, consider Singer, Juki, Janome, or the Brother option.

Always endeavor to purchase from a known brand with a track record of quality and consistency.

 How often do you work?

Knowing your workload and frequency of use is another important requirement. While some machines are built to withstand a long period of use, some may not be able to handle such.

An occasional sewer does not need to invest in high-end industrial grade machine. However, with plans to use daily or for long hours, investing more in a heavy duty sewing machine should not be ruled out.

Controls and Ergonomic

This is 2018 and sewing machines have gone automated and computerized; don’t be left out of the trend with outdated tools.

Search through the specifications and ensure it has all the features that make sewing, quilting or embroidery enjoyable. Features like an automatic needle threader, button-holer, and tension just to mention a few

Required Accessory

When dealing with a sewing machine the use of accessory cannot be neglected. In fact, the more accessory you have the more easily it is to manipulate your fabric and create many beautiful styles.

Some come with quite some few numbers of accessories while some come with so much that you really don’t need to spend extra on accessory.

You should consider a sewing machine with a lot more accessory to choose from. This will make you versatile save you cash, and make your work a lot easier.

Instruction Manual

Sewing machines are becoming more sophisticated and advanced with plenty of features to deal with. You cannot know it all in little time. You need a manual to learn over a period.

Ensure anyone you are going to buy comes with a detailed instructional manual in your preferred language. This would save you some confusion.

Important Features

The next tip is to look out for the feature necessary for your task or purpose as decided above. Take for example you really need a sewing machine that can stitch and sew heavy materials.

Therefore, your focus should be one with many stitching patterns and heavy metal frame. Here are the other most important features to consider.

Auto Bottom-holerSpeed ControlAuto ThreaderPresser FeetBobbin Winder

The ability to easily make buttonholes will save you lots of stress and make your work even easier.

Ensure your machine has at least one step automatic buttonholes. This is the basics. More option would be nice if possible.

With the neck breaking speed most sewing machines have today, there’s a need for a speed control system. Also as a beginner, you would need some time to have a steady grip or hands.

That’s why the speed control feature becomes useful and valuable. With speed control, you can set the machine to a pace you can keep up with.

Remember how difficult it can be to pass a thread through the tiny eye of the needle. How about the stress and eye strain that comes along with threading?

Hence the reason many sewing machines have been equipped with an automatic needle threading system and cutter. To relieve yourself of stress, prioritize these features.

Identifying and knowing why and what you need the machine for will assist in choosing the right presser feet.

Sewing machines come with different types of presser feet ranging from zipper foot, buttonhole foot, zigzag foot and many others. Just know what you want to achieve and buy a machine with the right presser feet.

There’s no need for buying a separate bobbin winding tools.

Just consider getting a sewing machine that does it bobbin winding by itself and even have a drop-in bobbin system – I prefer the drop-in, it’s a lot easier.


The last part!

After deciding on which sewing machine to purchase, make sure it comes with a warranty. Typically, for the electronic parts, a warranty is given for 2 years and for the frame for 25 years etc.

Make sure you understand the terms and condition for getting the warranty. Another point: buy from stores like Amazon that could easily replace your machine within a time frame in-case there is an issue.


Don’t open the box after 60 days if you buy online. Amazon return policy might not be effective after that date. There may be one in a million situations of issues with the product from manufacturing, it’s better you do it immediately. 

Now that is more than enough guide.

Anyway, how about the type of fabric! What type of sewing machine should you choose for different fabric type? You can see my detail buying guide here, go back to the review using the link below or simply see the summarized recommendation below.

I’M Done – Take Me Back to the Review

In Summary

By now you should already have one in mind to buy or consider from among the reviewed 15 best sewing machines for 2018.

Still confused?. Let me summarize it below.

For professionals SINGER 9960 sewing machine is the perfect option to consider and invest in. Apart from being popular among many other professional the 99XX series or family has so many features. I would personally pick this if I am a Singer type.

Not comfortable with a singer, then your option should be the Brother Project Runway PC420PRW computerized sewing machine.

For professionals yet to achieve the skills needed to be called an expert, recommending SINGER 7258 or the Brother HC1850 sewing machine would be ideal. Even though any individual can use it, beginners will find the simplicity and automated features advantageous.

Also as alternative beginners also have a brother option that best fits their skill set. In this case, Brother CS6000i is the right sewing machine to start out with and learn their way up.

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine is another excellent option that deserves a recommendation. With the ability to produce high speed, quality, and clean stitches, this machine can also quilt perfectly. So if you really need to get quilting job done fast, you should consider the Juki TL-2000Qi.

Embroidery is an important segment of sewing and I recommend Brother SE400 if you need a machine that can sew and embroider. Its price is reasonable and it’s also quite easy to use.

For the industrial tasks, I tend to stick with a Juki sewing machine. Juki DDL 8870 with the less noisy servo motor is recommended here especially if you just want to churn out many products.

Janome is known for their heavy duty sewing machine. Need something for hard fabric or heavy duty, take a look at Janome HD3000 or the series Brother HD1000. It possesses the ability to handle thick layers of materials without a cough. If Janome is on the high side, you can opt for the cheap Singer 4423 heavy duty sewing machine.

I have carefully researched, used some, and consulted a lot of users before writing this article. I am confident that the machines mentioned above are generally the best you could get in the market. However, buying the best sewing machine depends sole on you!

Good luck and I am confident you will make the right choice!

If you have any question or would need some help leave your comment below. I would get back to you.

Happy shopping!

This review has been updated to answer many questions I receive. All sewing machine recommended here is no longer ranked with numbers or position, but with specific task or project requirement.

Some comment may still contain references to previous content ranking. Some links are affiliate link and I may earn money from it. Please refer to the affiliate disclosure page for details.

Don’t hesitate to ask any question or for help!


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    From my experience I realize that when you want a sewing machine for some basic task… you end up enjoy crafting and would want more. Keep that in mind when deciding

    All the best

  9. I have sewn for years and really enjoyed it. Nothing extravagant but everything else. I taught my girls through the years with different levels of challenges just as a life skill. They have had fun sewing for their little ones now. I explained to them and to their friends the importance of narrowing down the types of machines they needed.

    It’s easy to think you want to buy the machine with all the gadgets but if you spend big money and don’t go on to use all it has to offer you’ve made a big mistake. One of their friends paid over $900 for her first machine and struggled with it until she put it in her closet for good (or bad). I just gave my girls the Brother CS6000i for Christmas and they love them.

    My grandmother had the old Singer treadle machine that got her through the Depression Era making clothing for others. but with simple machines or electronic ones, i just thought of something that is easy to use and fun for them. One never knows how a skill like that may come in handy in the future!

    Thanks for the review

  10. Jonathan Okocha

    You are right! and thanks for for your comment.. Hope we have been helpful

  11. Thank you for the nice reviews. I am recommending to anyone I know! Blessings.

  12. Thanks for so much information. I am using a straight stitch sewing machine to sew my kids clothes….i need to buy a new one which can easily sew all types of jersey n stretch clothes…kindly plz can anyone guide me which one is better in above all

  13. Jonathan Okocha

    You can get the Brother Project Runway PC420PRW – Quite on a high side though.. but It handles all types of fabrics from tricot and nylon to upholstery and leather fabrics.

  14. Jonathan Okocha

    You are welcomed Ana. All the best

  15. thank you for your effort

  16. Jonathan Okocha

    Glad It was helpful!

  17. Can one get these machines especially Brother HC1850, Brother Project Runway
    PC420PRW and Singer 9960/9970 in Nigeria. Please I’ll also like to know the prices in Naira.

  18. Jonathan Okocha

    It will cost you more to ship it.. best thing is if you have someone in the USA.. who is coming back to buy for you. The prices are in Amazon as amazon sells it.

  19. Nice review, I’m looking to buy a sewing machine that is both mechanical and electronic. I’m a student and need an affordable sonee for commercial use that can seW heavy Fabrics like Jean and quilt, about $100 with good features other than straight stitching, maybe with monogram, zigzag,embroidery and above 50 stitches. Please recommend one for me. Thanks

  20. Jonathan Okocha

    for less than $100 or about 100$

    Hard to say.. with all this requirement. You need extras you pay a little more for a nice one.
    However, for heavy fabric.. consider sewing machine with metal frame..

    Your best bet but not for supper heavy fabric – Use large needle – also no monograming



    Not computerize – cheap and around your budget
    Singer 4411 Extra High Machine Stainless
    Ok.. but no monograming

    Brother ST371HD

    I would simply… go for option one..

    but only fixing hard fabric… go for option 3

    Want to spend even more

    There is another perfect one


    Use our comparison table-


  21. Unfortunately I now need to upgrade from my amazing Bernina 1630 as too many things are going wrong with it and there are no parts available. which machine would you recommend. Do I still stay with Bernina as, of course, they are quite expensive, or do I change to another brand?

  22. Jonathan Okocha

    This model is really from the 90s.. quite old..
    Now it depends which task is really important to you or how much you can afford to spend..(What do you find yourself doing always or what feature is a must have for you?
    Bernina brands are quite expensive but really good.. usually for professionals
    if your budget is less than 1000$ .. you should not consider getting a Bernina
    I am sure if you lay your hands on some modern sewing machine (Singer, Brother or Janome) which is quite cheaper, you would like it..

  23. Thank you for this!
    Please, what about Electronic Butterfly sewing machine JH8190?

  24. Hello, I am interested in getting a Janome 2212 machine.
    Is it available in 240Volts?
    And is it also available in other countries?
    Thank you
    James Zannis

  25. Unfortunately, I cant say much about this brands..
    Its made in china… and not comparable to the ones listed above..

  26. most of the products here.. you can get on amazon United states.. However 240 volts are not designed for united states market.. Amazon uk, would have for 240 volts. Check also if it could be shipped to any other location if you don’t reside in any of this country..
    You can also check in any local stores or dealers around you.

  27. I found a sewing machine I would like to get for my grand daughter. It is a Brother Strong and Tough. It has some numbers with it but I am not sure if they go with the machine or it is from the web site. The numbers and letters are ST 371 HD. I have never seen this machine anyplace else other than Amazon.com. Could someone please do a review on this machine. My grand daughter wants to be able to mend jeans on her machine. Please help.

  28. Please click on reviews on the menu and you will see all our reviews.
    Its a new product from brother that is designed for tough home task. Leather, jeans etc

    We already reviewed the Brother ST371HD
    here is the link anyway:


    please note its not an industrial sewing machine but an home use option. It will handle heavy or thick fabric.. It was designed for this. Also make sure to use the right needle and presser foot. Follow the manual.. you should be fine
    This machine dont have push bottom control.. She will have to use the peddle?
    One very good advantage for sewing thick materials is that it has very high presser foot lift – meaning you can fix most stuff there and sew

    Go through the review..

    And thanks for stopping by

  29. Hi there. Thank you for this. I am wanting to buy a new sewing machine… Which would you suggest for a small home business of baby items and also sewing stretch fabric. I don’t see this in the descriptions of any of the sewing machines reviews and also auto threader and auto tension and adjustable stitch length…or do they all offer this now?

  30. Please click on the comparison table in the menu above to compare. You will see features of Brother PC420PRW and compare to Singer 9960

    Brother PC420PRW would be a better option for you. However the stitch length is not adjustable..
    Aside that it has auto threader and auto tension. Also can sew stretch fabric. Alternative is the Singer 9960

    Mind you.. that usually you need to be able to adjust the speed and also use special needles.. to sew on stretch materials. You could also take a look at The singer 9960 on number 3 on the list.

    If you would use more frequently for home business.., consider buying a professional sewing machine if your budget allows.

    Here are more options


    JUKI HZL-F600

    You will see features comparison here on this juki post here.. https://bestsewingmachinereviewspot.com/best-juki-sewing-machine/


    Janome Memory Craft 6300
    Another Janome

    Janome DC2013

    Brother – quite cheap

    Brother Designio Series DZ3000

    In summary,

    If you dont have an overlock or serger machine, for effectively sewing stretch materials, you need a sewing machine that
    1, you can control the speed
    2, use as many variety of stitch or in specific stretch stitch
    3, special ball point needle or stretch needle

    Better if the sewing machine has a stretch stitch setting

    Add this to what you desire..

    Adjustible stitch lenght
    auto threader
    auto tension

    I hope this help

  31. Pls I leave in South Africa, and have gotten good review on these product:Ellna, butterfly etc, I need something not too expensive,not too complicated, something I won’t have problem using it.i want something dat can see all material,and do differs stitch …I make cloth, and will be resuming my fashion design school soon, I want somethin dat will be nice for a student

  32. Hi, I just bought a brother innov is NQ 550 project runaway speical edition. The other day,for $699.,is this a good deal?,and is it a good machine..?

  33. Hi
    Nice! Have not seen much of this sewing machine.. Would have to take a look at it if I find it in any store..
    I guess is part of the NQ series.. This one though don’t have embroidery option as others. Does it?
    Brother is a top brand when you talk about modern home sewing.
    Can you make a video of this sewing machine..? I can guide you how to run the test..!

  34. Do you mean Elna brands or the buterfly brand? Sorry I dont get you
    You can get Elna in SA.. I dont know of any Ellna buterfly products
    I only know of Elna sew zibra and sew fun

    Elna products are quite on the high side..
    Usually you can not get all in one or a perfect sewing machine.

    You an get an intermediate option for a start.

    Check; elna.com,,,,

  35. I’m researching my first machine, and I would like to thank you for your reviews.
    My tasks are to tailor my own men’s dress shirts (sides, darts, arm holes) and slacks (length & waist). I prefer not to buy a cheap machine then find out it can’t finish off or match a similar factory seam, or purchase something expensive that’s total overkill for what my task are. Would you recommend the Brother HC1850, CS6000i or ???

    Thanks for your time,

  36. for a simple task like that.. Brother HC1850 should do well..

    Other more expensive models would give you more.. if you are not a beginner

  37. Thanks for the reply Jonathan.
    I’m a beginner and most likely won’t have time to do anything more than minimum alterations on my own shirts and pants. It would be great to have the freedom to do this for myself and exactly how I want it. Now to find some sewing lessons, practice on some cloths I was going to give away, then pull out the nice items.

  38. Need a versatile easy to use and affordable home use modern machine am a beginner but interested in sewing, quilting and some creative embroidering, Hemming and others for home. Advice and recommend what machine I need and if a combo would do..?

  39. Hello Paula
    A combo would do.. depends on the one you get
    For a combo machine check this post. I would recommend Brother SE400. Its almost same price compared to some standalone options
    5 Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Stitching and Embroidery in a Box
    There is an option there for beginner and also affordable.. Two in one sewing machine.
    However you might need to put more time to master it.. but if you really want to do creative embroidery.. You will find any of them to be really suitable especially if you don’t have any sewing machine before.
    Though I must say that a standalone sewing and embroidery machine should not be preferred..(corrected)

    If you decide otherwaise

    here for a beginner

    Brother HC1850
    brother pc420prw

    A little more – but perfect

    I hope this helps

  40. Thank you so much for the helpful advice, Jonathan!
    I’m a beginner sewer who is about to start a fashion design program so I know I’m going to want/need a machine that will grow with me as my skills advance. So far, I’ve learned to sew on a Janome 625e which was very easy to use but I do not want to spend $600 for a machine at this point. What would be your top recommendation for me? (Under $300 would be ideal.) Thanks again!

  41. Some objective review here:

    If I may add:
    Janome brands are quite nice and durable, but a little priced than brother sewing machine in that category.
    I will suggest you stick to Janome since you learned to sew from it. However there are many options.. really many
    As such its difficult to just say which one if you dont consider what you would be doing frequently.

    Personally I am a Janome fan

  42. Thanks Marta for your input..You are right.
    Quite some nice brother for cheaper price.. but I would also stick to Janome. no much marketing about their product but its really durable.
    I would not go near Pfaff or other expensive brands.. really.. I will only if I am making a hell of money from it professionally
    May I ask which Janome, you are using?

  43. Hey..Christina. Thanks for stopping by!

    Marta said it most
    but here are some nice option.. I looked at the features of Janome 625e you were using so its comparable at-least to the recommendation below. However most of the recommended ones have further options and stitches
    You can stick to Janome as suggested below.

    Janome MOD-50 series…( price depends on the number stitches) in this case 50 stitches is within your price range
    Janome 8077 Computerized Sewing Machine – a little above your budget (I will recommend this than the one above)
    Janome DC series is also quite good.. but also a little priced

    Other brands you may want to check.

    Brother HC1850 – Within your Budget
    Brother CS6000i – within your budget.. may grow out of it but basic for beginners
    Brother PC420PRW also a little more in-terms of your budget (might be too much for a beginner, but If you really want to grow with it and have many options.. this is a nice one if you are considering brother)

    Singer 9960 a little more than 300$. but offers many features to distract you (might be too much for a beginner)
    SINGER 7258..entry level with some nice amount of stitches.

    I am not adding any links.. as the links were already above (You can use it and search for what you want)
    You can also check your local stores.. but I would check on Amazon, Walmart etc for competitive prices.

  44. Thank you so much for this information, Jonathan. I’m a beginner and I would love your advice on what machine to go for and that i can also use for stretch materials.

  45. How much are you looking at.. ?
    Stretch Fabrics are intricate to sew without a Serger or Overlock machine.

    but here is the trick

    You need:
    A sewing machine with stretch stitch option. (if you are more experienced you can use zig zag stitches.. but for a beginner would not recommend)
    Ball point needle or stretch needle – you can buy this along with your sewing machine
    flexibility with feed system – so you can sew almost any fabric

    You may also need a walking foot option or an attachment for it. This may be necessary for feeding the fabric..
    That said..without considering your budget..

    here are some option

    Brother PC420PRW on the list above
    Brother CS6000i – comes with walking foot.. stretch stitch option.. very easy to use. (You should buy this if its your first)

    Hope it helps

  46. Hi, thanks for the replay, I have opt to buy brother sewing machine now, would like to knw if brothers project runwayxr9600prw will be good, n I would like to knw if it weeps too, after sewing

  47. Weeps?..

  48. please I need help. I bought a butterfly jh8190 domestic sewing machine last year March, 2016. I used it for less than two months before the speed reduced. I took it to a service personnel who serviced both my singer and the butterfly. I tried using it again, but the speed did not improve and as at now, its no longer sewing.

    what could be the problem?

  49. Sorry I cant help with this sewing machine

  50. I’ve got a Viking/Husqvarana from 1971, and a Singer from 1976. I”m an occasional sewer because these machines are not computerized. I’ve recently worked on a Baby Lock(from a quilting store, tho I do not quilt). I’m leaning towards the Singer 9960 now that I”ve read your reviews. I do like the baby lock easy threading, 1 step buttonhole, and bobbin winding. It is a bit pricey–the basic one is about twice the price of the Singer 9960.
    Any thoughts?

  51. Jonathan Okocha

    Singer 9960 is Ok. Compared to the modern Viking/Husqvarana is quite a good value for money. baby lock sewing machines are quite expensive. This singer has got all that features you mentioned.

    You can also if take a look at the Janome Magnolia and Brother project run away on my list

  52. Thank you so much for such a great review.
    We sometimes need to lengthen or shorten them hem of our daughters dresses. Our housekeeper said that she knows how to sew, so we are looking into buying a sewing machine that she could use when she comes to us. I usually like to buy things in Costco, or Bed Bath and Beyond, or Kohl’s because of their lifetime return policy. I saw that Costco has the Brother XM3700 for $89.99. I saw a different sewing review website write that an advantage of the singer 7258 is that it has a heavy duty metal frame. She wrote ‘This is important because lightweight machines made of mostly plastic will scoot around and skip while you’re sewing.’ Is this a reason not to buy the XM3700 from Costco? Based on what I described, would you be able to recommend a machine for us? Thanks Again!

  53. Well Kenneth
    Singer 7258 looks good. I would recommend that for a start.
    But don’t expect it to handle very heavy or thick fabrics.
    For medium to lightweight fabric it would do perfectly. Like I said on my guide, you cant have it all for a cheap price if you want a multipurpose sewing machine.
    Generally home sewing task does not involve layers of jeans or leathers

  54. Just to add more. Brother XM3700 is in the same family with the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine on my list.
    I will go for this instead of the XM3700 – If you find it in Costco.

    However, I will improve my budget and get the Singer 7258. (especially if you expect to do more with it.)
    I hope this helps

  55. Thank-you very much Jonathan… I’m very sorry in my country Kenya Amazon can’t ship this beast things. sir I’m a motorbike seat covers maker in terms of wholesale using Lexines, pipings and frills for tank covers trimming. I could be very happy if you can assist me on how to import it into my country Kenya. I have so many customers who used to wait for in the line for about weeks. I uses singer 15 check but I want to update into juki ddl 8700. Sir please assist….Thank-you.

  56. Hey
    I am sorry, I can not be of help. You may look at their distributor around you.
    There is one Juki distributor in South Africa.
    You can contact their sales number and someone put you through.

  57. Thanks for your reviews – I am looking for my fist quilting sewing machine. What is your opinion of Brother SQ9185 – is this a cheaper version just for Walmart or is it a good value? Any input before I buy would be appreciated.

  58. There are quite a lot in Walmart or Amazon.. I have not seen this one, but I did check out the features.
    However this sewing machine (Brother SQ9185) is similar to brother HC1850, and Brother Designio Series DZ2400.
    I would suggest, you Look at the DZ series or brother HC1850.
    Ok speed for quilting. More walking area and also extra wide table just like the SQ9185
    DZ series is a little more expensive.. but HC1850 is on your budget. You can find it also in walmart if you want to buy it there. if you don`t find it check out for the DZ series there would be similar also.

    For quilting, you need extra working space, and more stitching speed, if possible walking foot – have this in mind.

  59. The Janome MOD-50 series machines are just fabulous and require less effort to be made unlike many other machines of its type. Thanks for sharing this awesome guide.

  60. Janome Mod is not on this review.. but thanks for spamming

  61. I’d like to know how you evaluate Janome Skyline S5 sewing machine with 170 built-in stitches. It seems to be better than Magnolia 7330. Can you help?

  62. Value for the money matters. $999 is quite high. No much difference though only much more stitch options

    If you are willing to spend that much… why not

  63. Hi,
    Thanks for the wonderful review, can’t thank you enough.
    I’m a seamstress looking to upgrade from manual to a better sewing machine (electronic or computerized) available in Nigeria. One I can sew stretchy fabrics, chiffon and others with easy. From other reviews I’ve gone through, I learnt there are some that can’t work for long hours without it jamming or the motor getting hot. Thanks.

  64. unfortunately.. I can not recommend a one in Nigeria. I don’t have access to their market and also most supplier don’t ship there. your only option is to look for a distributor and pre-ORDER.

    Good luck!

  65. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for your reviews. They are really useful. I’m looking at replacing my current Janome, which I love, but it’s old and there are no spare parts now. I need a machine for general home sewing. I don’t need embroidery, but would like a machine that will sew clothes (including stretch fabrics), curtains and basic upholstery. I would like to be able to sew denim and other thicker fabrics, but still sew chiffons and silks. I also do a bit of quilting. Which machine would you recommend? I’m in Australia.

  66. Hello Cheryl

    Please be aware that to get an all in one very good sewing machine would be almost impossible or means you have to pay quite much.
    So, a compromise is definitely needed.

    That said, if you would like to stick to Janome brands consider any of this.

    Janome DC2014
    Janome 7330

    here is my post on Janome sewing machine

    However, for what you want a singer 9960 can also function for that. However for very heavy duty work or very thick fabric, I suggest you get a specialized heavy duty sewing machine for that.

    9960 can also work for fairly thick fabric like denim (NOT very thick). However, you have to use the right needle (larger needle).


    If you get singer 9960 at a cheaper rate, you may consider getting the singer 4423 instead of buying the Janome.

    All the options here are quite good for your project – Extra high presser foot lift, handles delicate materials.. speed Ok for quilting, stitches clean and also works fine with medium to hard fabric like denim.

    I hope I have been helpful.

  67. Thanks so much! this is overwhelming, I’m looking for the best value for a beginning machine. I think I would mainly use it to make clothes and hem. and make some cute things for the dog 🙂 Just don’t want to limit myself with what fabric my machine can take. That being said can I get your opinion on this? either a Singer 44S on sale for $99 or a refurbished Brother RCE1100PRW for $88. I think I’m leaning towards the Singer but would love another opinion!

  68. Hello Mina,

    Yeah.. I agree with you! Many options and some issues with decisions!..

    The singer 44S or Singer 44– (i.e 23, 32, 11) brands are almost he same except the stitches or bottom-holes.
    They are quite good for heavy duty fabric..

    I will choose that over buying a refurbished Brother RCE1100PRW.

    Another singer option that is good for simple and most task you need would be the singer 7258 (has more features and stitching option – does not limit you use. However, dog materials are not super heavy duty.. so it would pass)

    In few days it would be on deal – Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals. You may need to check it for this period and get a good deal if possible.

    All the best

  69. Hi,
    I am hoping to buy a new sewing machine. I sew crafts, blankets, christmas skirts, maybe someday kids clothes, but nothing heavy. I am a pretty basic sewer, but I would love to have a machine that I could learn to embroider on. Could you give me some advice I am stuck between these two options:



  70. Blanket, pillow case etc usually have embroidery design. If you plan to make details embroidery (real embroidery), singer 9960 would not be a good option for you.

    I will go with the SE400 2 in 1 machine: used for detailed embroidery and sewing. You can also have a look at embroidery and sewing machine options here.

  71. Hi. I received the Brother XR9500PRW last Christmas but due to unforseen circumstances I wasn’t able to open it until today I’m so excited to get started ! There’s one problem, however. I know how to sew and have had a few machines in the past. So I can navigate through most. I DIDN’T receive an instruction booklet with this machine. It came with many accessories I haven’t used yet. Could I possibly get an instruction booklet? I can’t wait to make myself a winter coat but I’m afraid I may screw up the machine (or my coat) because I didn’t use the correct foot etc. Please contact me or RUSH one out to me . I WANT TO GET STARTED!!!! Thank you…Charlene

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