Top 10 Quilting Blogs you should bookmark as a Quilter

Last updated on February 7th, 2021 at 06:43 pm

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Quilting is an old tradition, but blogging is quite new.

Everywhere you go, there’s always a quilting community. The internet has even brought about a closely knitted communities of quilters who rely on each other for professional support.

Look up to any of these quilting blogs for tips and tricks.

I can hardly do without them.       

A Quilting Life

Think of this as a more recent quilting blog that caters for the needs of modern and young quilters. While Sherri must have been quilting for over 2 decades, she brings a new approach to quilting.

Aside “A Quilting Life”, Sherri also runs other two other crafting blogs. This implies that you’ll be reading from a well grounded quilter and crafter fused into one. In essence, A Quilting Life infuse elements of fun and hands-on practical into her blog posts.

Quilters Review

Rarely will any quilter not know quilters review. It has carved a niche for itself as a community every quilter can join and be better. Providing tips on the best quilting machines and tools, with the right set of quilting foot.

Before you purchase your next set of quilting tools, check Quilter’s review to check out what the experts are saying about it. The blog provides contents using a creative, fun and informative approach.

The Cutting Table Quilt Blog – A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Arguably the highest ranked quilting blogs run by a family of quilters. Jenny is the quilter while other members of the family help in running the business.

This blog is equally supported by other quilters who contribute ideas and tips that will benefit you.

The blogging table

This blog has a massive Facebook and Twitter community with over 70,000 combined followers. There’s always fresh quality content for you to feed your mind every time you visit.

You will find tutorials, how-tos, and tips on how to make quilting easier, faster and simpler.

Keepsake Quilting

Acclaimed itself as America’s Favorite Quilt Shop. Just like The Cutting Table, Keepsake has both an offline and online presence. The blog is divided into different segment, you will find something that appeals to you.

From how to choose the perfect quilting fabrics to dealing with your quilting kits; Keepsake provides you with the right information for improving your quilting. This blog also keeps you inform about quilting events and happenings to keep you informed.

Red Pepper Quilts

Being a recent quilting blog, it’s a mid-point between newbies and expert quilters. From your first visit, you are likely to fall in love with the calm tone of her blog coupled with the beautiful designs she features.

The blog is run by Rita Hodge who is an expert quilter. She’s beyond just theory as she runs an Etsy shop where she sells her quilting merchandise.

Christa Quilts

Christa Watson is not a stranger to the world of quilting, having written several educative and informative quilting books. With over two decades’ experience in quilting, Christa Quilts has become an authority that must be respected. Aside from being a great quilter, she’s also an amazing teacher with the right words to convey the knowledge.

The most beneficial section of the blog is where she rolls out quilting tutorials. There’s an abundance of helpful tips, ideas, and techniques on the blog which is really helpful. You can also order her quilting books from the blog.

Blossom Heart Quilts

Right out of the heart of Japan, Alyce Bryth gives out small bits about her love for quilting. Not much of an experienced quilter which is more reason why those new to quilting will be able to use her blog as a starting point. She’s a self-taught quilter who has grown to become an expert.

As an experienced primary school teacher, she has juxtaposed her teaching skills to teaching and blogging about quilting. She also has an e-book to her name, making her a published quilt blogger.

Fresh Lemons Modern Quilts

This quilting blog is run by Faith Jones and there must be a mystery behind the name of the blog. Not much of a consistent blogger but her once in a week blog post receives enough views and comment. Fresh Lemons caters for both Americans and international audience.

In addition, the quilting blog has a forum names “community giving” where you can contribute to the discussion, learn and help other quilters. The blog also has a tutorial section named quilt along which provide information, tips, and ideas to quilters.

Freshly Pieced

Not the most frequent quilt blogger but there are quality quilting tutorials and tips you can get from Lee Heinrich through her quilting blog. She concentrates mostly on modern quilts by inspiring quilters to try their hands on new quilting patterns. With around 7 years of quilt blogging and 10 years of quilting, her blog is well written, formatted and colorful.

She’s got her own line of quilt patterns which is also featured on her blog. Lee Heinrich has also co-authored a quilting book. As a former news editor and writer, she is putting experience from her former job to good use.

The Electric Quilt Blog

A bit of deviation from the regular quilt blogs you already checked out. If you love on-screen quilts design, then this blog must be bookmarked! Here you will be updated about latest quilting designs available to you. More like an online forum with the right instructors who are bloggers.

There are also freebies on the blog, like Latest quilt designs that will give your quilt a new look. As a newbie to electric quilting, you will still understand the basics and rudiments provided on the blog.


So, these are the top quilting blogs for 2021. Most of them I follow on social media and bookmarked.

Do you have any suggestion or one you think should be on this list? Get in touch with me using the comment section or contacts form.


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